Shipping Saturday: Tami & Coach Eric Taylor of “Friday Night Lights”

tami and coach 1 (Image)

When I thought about which couple I wanted to feature in the inaugural edition of Shipping Saturday, no one seemed more perfect than the couple that is the epitome of #RelationshipGoals: Tami and Coach Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights. Not exactly a conventional ship since they are a strong couple though out the series, Tami and Coach give all of us something to aspire to in our own relationships.

Here all the reasons why we still want a relationship like Coach and Tami after all these years.

They are equals.

Tami and Coach are, first and foremost, partners in their relationship. They love each other and they respect each other. From parenting to the never-ending crazy that is Dillion football, they stand strong as a united front. They have a rock-solid foundation that is unshakeable.

shipping saturday friday night lights (Image)

They know how to fight.

Like every couple in the real world and television world, Tami and Coach have had their fair share of knockdown drag out fights. Remember when he took that job with TMU without talking to her first? However, unlike other couples, they can weather any storm. When the rain stops and the clouds clear, they know how to hash it out like mature adults, and work their way to a reasonable solution.

tami and eric fight (Image)

They are completely with honest with each other.

Tami and Coach both know that communication is key for a relationship. When it comes to these two, there is nothing they can’t tell each other.

tami and coach they had a blanket (Image)

They know it’s all about the little moments.

Whether it’s a long talk in bed, a glass of wine on the couch, or even his and hers closets, Tami and Coach know it’s the little things in life that keep the spark alive. Sure, the big gestures are nice, but it’s the daily quiet moments that really matter most.

coach and tami taylor bed (Image)

They fully support one another.

Coach and Tami are each other’s number one fans. Whether it’s Dillion, Austin, or Philadelphia, these two give each other the freedom to pursue their dreams no matter where they may take them. They may fall. They may fail. Yet, they know the other will be right there beside them cheering them on, and picking up the pieces.

tami and coach taylor support quote (Image)

They are completely in love with each other.

And we love them. Tami and Coach, we salute you.

tami and coach kiss (Image)


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