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Favorite Fictional Friends Day Two: Jason Street and Tim Riggins from “Friday Night Lights”

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If there was one thing the teen football drama Friday Night Lights was known for, it was the drama-filled relationships that took place off the field. However, one of the most memorable relationships from this show had nothing to do with romance. It was the powerful friendship between Dillon High Panthers Jason Street and Tim Riggins. Sharing a bond built on nicknames, a love of the game, and a few cold beers, Jason and Tim were more than teammates on the field. They were more than just best friends. They were brothers. They could read each other better than anyone else, and they certainly weren’t afraid to dole out a little tough love when the situation called for it. They were just two kids who dreamed of living large in Texas forever. Then came that fateful night when Jason was paralyzed during a bad tackle. As Jason struggled to pick up the pieces of his broken future, a guilt ridden Tim committed the ultimate act of betrayal by sleeping with Jason’s girlfriend. Most people thought these two wouldn’t be able to come back from this. Yet, over time, Jason was slowly able to forgive Tim, and they came out much stronger on the other side. Throughout the series, their “Texas Forever” bond was the one thing they could always rely on, and it helped both of them become the men they were when the show ended.


Fictional Guy February Day Two: Jason Street from “Friday Night Lights”


Some girls swoon over bad boy Tim Riggins. Some fell head over heels for adorably awkward Matt Saracen. However, Jason Street was the Friday Night Lights guy who stole my heart. As the original quarterback of the Dillion High Panthers, Jason had it all: the cheerleader girlfriend, the adoration of the entire town, and bright future career as an NFL prospect. With one bad tackle, it all came crashing down. A broken neck left him paralyzed, his beloved town turned their backs when his family was forced to sue his coach, and his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. Yet, instead of letting himself wallow in self-pity, Jason rose to every challenge life threw at him with a grace and dignity well beyond his eighteen years. He dug down deep and found his inner strength as he adapted to life in a wheelchair, refusing to be limited by or let anyone limit him because of his disability. Plotting a new course, Jason channeled his love of football into coaching, found a great group of friends and mentors during his rehab, and eventually patched things up with his best friend and former flame. In losing what he had, he found everything he actually wanted. With a heart as wide open as the Texas sky,  Jason truly was the fighting spirit of the mighty Dillion Panthers on the field and off.

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Shipping Saturday: So Long “Friday Night Lights” (Well, From Netflix)


Well, readers. The day has finally come. Tomorrow, when we log into our Netflix accounts, there will be a major absence as big as the Texas sky with the official removal of very one’s favorite football drama Friday Night Lights. No longer will we be able to pop into Dillion, TX to get some words of wisdom from Coach Eric Taylor, grab a glass of wine and sage advice from Tami Taylor, or cheer on the Panthers under those Friday night lights. There will be no more Matt and Julie, Tim and Lyla, or Tyra and Landry. Most of all, we’ll be saying goodbye to the ultimate #relationshipgoals of Coach and Tami and the beautiful BroTP of Jason Street and Tim Riggins. Sure, the show will be available to stream on Hulu, but it still sucks that Friday Night Lights will be on NetFlix no more.

Thanks for the memories Friday Night Lights. Texas forever. Always. (Now, I have to go check out Hulu’s options.)