31 Little Acts of Kindness to Kick Off the New Year

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Happy New Year, lovelies!

As we finish the last of the cookies, take down our trees, and Hallmark Channel goes back to playing it’s non-holiday movie collection (still addictive, but with added variety), it can feel a little like all the magic is being drained from the world. The nights seem longer and everyone seems to retreat back into their own lives. It’s as if the planet has gone into a dark, cold hibernation.

However, when retreating seems like the easy thing to do, we need to reach out even more to hold on to those warm and fuzzy holiday season vibes. As cheesy as it sounds, the holiday spirit can continue to thrive in the darkest winter and beyond if we nurture it. A little kindness goes a long way into this world. Something as small as a smile can be like a cup of hot cocoa on freezing night. Who knows? You could be the spark that starts the wildfire as bright as the sun.

Here are 31 one ways to spread a little more kindness in 2019.

  1. Share a smile with everyone you meet.
  2. Hold the door as often as you can.
  3. Clean out your closet and donate all your unwanted clothes.
  4. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
  5. Compliment a stranger’s outfit.
  6. Text someone just to say hi.
  7. Bring in something yummy for your coworkers.
  8. Email a former teacher or professor and tell them thanks for the impact they made in your life.
  9. Treat a loved one to lunch.
  10. Give your best friend a social media shout-out about how awesome they are.
  11. Shovel an elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. (Or rake their leaves depending on the season.)
  12. Spend an afternoon volunteering.
  13. Instead of wishing someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook, mail them a a card with a heartfelt note inside.
  14. Spend an afternoon making memories with your grandparents.
  15. Send a care package full of treats to a long distance friend/relative, a relative in college, or sign up with an organization that sends them to the troops overseas.
  16. Treat someone to lunch.
  17. Make a donation to a charity or your church.
  18. Really listen.
  19. Pick up some $10.00 gift cards and send them out randomly to people.
  20. Make someone a playlist of songs you think they would love.
  21. Leave a positive review for your favorite author.
  22. Offer to babysit so a friend can get a much-needed break.
  23. Do a little baking and pass out treats to your your neighbors.
  24. Leave an anonymous note for someone who could use a pick-me-up.
  25. Say a prayer for someone.
  26. Recommend a a great book or podcast you think someone would love.
  27. Thank your parents for everything they’ve done for you.
  28. Call your grandparents.
  29. Send someone flowers just because.
  30. Stay the extra five minutes.
  31. Say “I love you” whenever possible.

Simple Tips to Add a Pop of Personality to Your Workspace

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On average, we spend 40 hours per week in our offices. This doesn’t take into account all early mornings, late nights, and working lunch hours we put in on a day-to-day basis. That is a lot of time spent toiling away and much of it is spent in our cubicles. Synonymous with corporate America, these square-like spaces have quite the reputation for being, well, boring. They are often uniform units colored in drab neutrals and lack any touch of warmth. However, you don’t have to resign yourself to be stuck in an uninspiring, cold workspace. With a few simple touches, create your own little home away from home office oasis.

Here are some easy ways to take your cubicle from blah to beautiful. (Just check your employee handbook to make sure none of these tips are against any company policies.)

Give your supplies a stylish facelift.

One of the easiest ways brighten up your bland cubicle is with cute stationary. Fill your workspace with pretty pens, fun-shaped sticky notes, and patterned notebooks for an instant touch of whimsy. Take advantage of the ability to take notes with colored pens. Trade plain desk supplies like scissors, tape dispensers, and manila folders for ones that feature cute colors and fun designs. Also, don’t forget about organization. In addition to investing in chic desk set, coffee mugs and and clear canisters are unique ways to corral pens, paperclips, scissors, and other bits and baubles, so they will always be in easy reach.

Get organized with playful pins.

Whether it’s your calendar, your system’s operating procedures, or a list of important contacts, we all have things we need to hang up for quick reference. If your cubicle consists of fabric boards, this means basic plastic tacks in bland primary colors. Give those outdated pushpins the boot and swap in a set of enamel pins. Just remove the clutch backs, and you have a playful way to display all your important papers. Save the backs for storing them, so you don’t scratch up your hands when reaching in the jar to grab one.

Make metal surfaces magical with magnets.

Is your workspace made of mostly metal? Invest in a a few packs of button magnets. Keep a clean look by picking ones with complimenting designs and colors. You’ll be able to hang up everything you need without turning your cabinet into a replica of your grandmother’s fridge. For literature and quote lovers, invest in a set of word magnets and have fun channeling your inner wordsmith with weekly or daily messages, words of wisdom, or uplifting sayings. (Just keep it clean.)

Bring the outside in.

Let’s face it. There are few things more depressing than being stuck in a windowless room flooded with nothing but artificial fluorescent lights. If you’re lucky, maybe you sit in front of an office where the person inside keeps their door open from time to time. Satisfy your craving for nature by picking up a pretty plant for your desk. Invest in low-need greenery like a bonsai tree, bamboo shoot, or terrarium. You’ll get the same mood-boosting effect without all the hassle and potential mess involved with caring for florals.

Add elements of things you love.

The walls of your workspace are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with pieces of your personality. Don’t limit yourself to the standard family and friends photos and cutesy calendars. Think outside the box. Vintage mini posters, quotable signs, and artistic photos of your favorite places create a chic yet playful vibe. Tie pretty bows made from ribbon or cheap scarves to drawer handles for a girly burst of color. Treat decorating your cubicle like you would your home. Get creative and let your uniqueness shine.

The Cool Girl’s Gift Guide: For the “Supernatural” Fan

fsupernatural gift guide (Image)

You know if you have Supernatural fan in your life. She’s the girl that knows salt can be a powerful weapon. Her dream car is a black ’67 Chevy Impala, believes pie can cure anything, and she can sing every word of Carry On Wayward Son. She knows monsters and such are not real, but she knows how to take care of them if needed. When she says she wants a Winchester under the tree, you know she’s not talking about the rifle. (Well, you’re pretty sure.)

Need a little something for the Supernatural girl who has everything? Here are some great gift ideas for the girl who really digs hunting things and saving people.

1. Symbol Slipper Boots

Her toes will stay warm and toasty in these cute slipper boots.

supernatural slipper boots (Supernatural Symbols Slipper Boots, $26.90, Hot Topic)

2. Fight Like Winchester Water Bottle

Is she setting some serious fitness goals? This water bottle is the perfect way to remind her to stay hydrated throughout the day.



winchester water bottle (Fight Like a Winchester Water Bottle, starting at $20.00, HPNerdCrafts on Etsy)

3. Supernatural 2017 Calendar

Sam and Dean will help her keep track of all those important events and appointments in style.

supernatural calendar (Supernatural 2017 Wall Calendar, $11.59, Amazon)

4. Winchester Bros Cardigan

Dress it up or dress it down, the versatile cardigan will become one of her wardrobe staples.

supernatural winchester bro cardigan (Supernatural Winchester Brothers Cardigan, $44.50, Hot Topic)

5. Supernatural: One Year Gone

Sure , there are many Supernatural books out there, but, if she still kinda ships Dean and Lisa, this is the one for her.

supernatural one year gone (Supernatural: One Year Gone, $7.99, Barnes and Noble)

6. Tea Free Will Gift Set

A set of teas that includes on flavored like apple pie? Even Dean would approve.

supernatural tea (Tea Free Will: Sam, Dean, and Castiel Inspired Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set, starting at $19.29, FandomTeas)

7. Supernatural the Official Coloring Book

Coloring has never been sexier.

supernatural coloring book (Supernatural: The Official Coloring Book, $15.99, Barnes and Noble)

8. Supernatural Trivial Pursuit

Let her test her Supernatural knowledge with this game of over 600 trivia questions guaranteed to challenge even the most dedicated of fans.

supernatural trivial pursuit (Supernatural Trivial Pursuit, $24.90, Hot Topic)

9. Carry on My Wayward Son Travel Mug

Baby, classic rock lyrics, and an anti-possession charm all on a travel mug shaped like a diner coffee cup? She’ll be drinking her coffee like a true Winchester.

supernatural carry on baby travel mug (Supernatural Carry On Ceramic Travel Mug, $25.00, printandclay on Etsy)

11. Castiel Pajamas

She’ll love snuggling up in these pjs inspired by her favorite guardian angel in a trench coat.

castiel pjs (Castiel Supernatural Women’s Pajamas, $29.99, Amazon)

12. Carry On Wayward Son Necklace

Packaged in a record album tin, this wooden Carry on Wayward Son lyric pendant is the perfect tribute to Dean’s love of classic rock.

supernatural carry on wayward son lyric necklace (Carry On My Wayward Son Lyric Necklace, $15.00, Amazon)

13. Dean TV Boyfriend Hoodie

Because you know who her dream guy is.

tv boyfriend dean hoodie (Dean Winchester TV Boyfriend Hoodie, $39.99, Amazon)

14. 10 Reasons to Watch Supernatural Mug

When anyone asks why she’s a Supernatural fangirl, this mug will do the talking for her.

10 reasons to watch supernatural mug (10 Reasons to Watch Supernatural Mug, $12.99, Amazon)

15. Winchester Brothers Shirtless Blanket

Want to give her the best gift ever? Give her this.

supernatural shirtless throw (Supernatural Sam and Dean Shirtless Blanket, $29.95, Amazon)