The Cool Girl’s Gift Guide: All the Swag for Abbi Glines’ “Field Party” Series

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Know someone who who considers her favorite football team the Lawton Lions? Are her favorite football players West Ashby, Gunner Lawton, and Brady Higgins? Has she read Until Friday Night and Under the Lights cover-to-cover multiple times? Has she waxed poetically about how she is going to survive until the August 2017 release of After the Game? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re dealing with a serious fan of Abbi Glines’ Field Party, the bestselling Friday Night Lights-esque book series about football and finding love and yourself on the field and off against the backdrop of a small-town Alabama.

This holiday season, surprise her with something from the Field Party collection sold exclusively on Abbi Glines’ website. From candles to clothing, this super affordable collection has everything she needs to show off her Lawton Lions pride. Cute and comfy with a little rustic flare, supporting your favorite fictional sports team never looked so good.

Check out my favorite items from the collection below.

The West Ashby Jersey Tee

Because running back West Ashby is pretty much the Tim Riggins of Lawton.

West Ashby tee (Ashby Ladies Cut Jersey Tee, $15.00,

The Lawton Lions Logo Tee

Simple cut with slightly distressed details, this versatile tee goes with everything from jeans and sneakers to her favorite boots and blazer.

lawton lions ladies tee (Lawton Lions Ladies Cut SS, $15.00,

The Lawton Lions Long Sleeve Tee

Long sleeves = perfect winter tee.

lawton lions long sleeve tee (Lawton Lions Ladies Cut LS, $20.00,

The Lawton Lions Hoodie

Perfect for warding off the chill of those fall nights under the lights.

lawton lions hoodie (Lawton Lions Hoodie Sweatshirt, $30.00,

The Lawton Lions Candle

Let this candle transport her to a cool fall Friday night football game.

lawton lions candle (Lawton Lions The Field Party Soy Candle, $12.00,


“The Fangirl Life”: Your New Handbook for Unleashing Your Inner Fanwoman

Fangirl Life book

Kathleen Smith is a fangirl on a mission. Her goal? To help her fellow fangirls wear the label with pride, embrace the unicorn inside of them, and harness their own personal awesomeness to transform themselves into kickass fanwomen who are ready to take on the world.   In her new book The Fangirl Life: A Guide to All the Feels and Learning How to Deal, she offers tips ad tricks to help young woman step into the role of heroine in their own stories.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Smith, who runs the website Fangirl Therapy she shares her thoughts and answers questions from fellow fangirls, is your typical self-help guru with lofty ideas that no mere mundane or muggle could ever achieve. No, Smith’s advice is more like the kind you’d get from your best friend. A therapist by day and a fangirl by night, she expertly weaves science and psychology with pop culture references and humor punctuated with adorable illustrations. She keeps her tone light and fun with an empowering edge that will leave you feeling like you can go out and take on the world like Annalise Keating each time you finish a section. She doesn’t talk down to readers. Instead, she openly admits she’s just like them. She’s a successful, kickass chick who also loves Netflix binges, cries over her OTPs, and gets serious girl crushes on fictional characters and actresses.

Each chapter in The Fangirl Life explores a different aspect of the fangirl lifestyle and how each facet can be used to readers discover ways to become the stars of their own lives. All of a sudden, things that may seem like silly hobbies are valuable life tools. Your girl crush on an awesome lady like J-Law or Tami Taylor becomes an inspiration for how to be more assertive in the classroom or the office. All that Lea Michele hairporn empowers you to try out a new look with confidence. Writing Friday Night Lights fanfics becomes a way to expand your creative thought process. Smith includes fun yet thought-provoking exercises that guide fangirls on a journey of self-discovery to find out how their fandom can be be the greatest weapon in their arsenal to get to where she wants to go.

While she acknowledges all the amazing things that come with the fandom territory, Smith also addresses the pitfalls that can derail a fangirl’s path to success. She implores readers to spread a little more harmony in both their daily lives and fangirl lives. After all, no one likes haters and troll. Why would you want to become one? It’s about learning to control your feels and not let them control you. She not to get sucked into a world where you don’t feel like you can ever measure up. She’s quick to remind us our favorite actresses wouldn’t be able to look seemingly perfect without their glam squads, and, while the drama-filled up-and-down conflict may be fun to watch, your own romantic relationships should not be so chaotic. Above all else, she tells readers not to loose themselves in the crazy world of fandom. She wants her fellow fangirls to use what they love about their favorite badasses to become a more amazing version of themselves, not a carbon copy of someone else. (Yes, we would all love to be Tami Taylor, but, unfortunately, there can only be one.)

Most of all, Smith’s The Fangirl Life takes the shame out of the label and turns it into something empowering. You are some crazy chick who goes on Twitter rants when your favorite character dies or writers chose to wreck your beloved ship. No, you are a creative, strong, amazing fanwoman who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. So any time you need a dose of encouragement to remind yourself that you are one BAMF, pick up a copy of The Fangirl Life, and let that fangirl flag fly, baby!

“Marked Men” News: Get an Exclusive Scene When You Pre-Order “Built” by Jay Crownover

Nash Donovan

Get ready for the Marked Men wedding event of the year! Author Jay Crowover cordially invites you to come and celebrate the joyous union of Saint Ford and Nash Donovan, our favorite couple her bestselling book Nash. After falling hard and fast and fighting their personal demons to get  to each other, our beloved nurse and tattoo artist are ready to tie the knot.

Want to be a part your favorite couple’s walk down aisle? All you have to do is preorder the latest Saints of Denver novel Built due out January 5, and then click here fill out the form on Crownover’s website to get on the list to get your copy of this exclusive piece. You will then be emailed your copy of Saint and Nash’s wedding story the week of January 5, 2016. The offer is available up until Built goes on sale.

So, Jay Crownover fans, treat yourself to a preordered copy of Built this holiday season and get ready to celebrate Saint and Nash’s love story with the rest of the Marked Men crew.

There’s just one question:What dress is Saint gonna rock for her man?

(Also, don’t forget to check out Lando and Dom’s story Leveled, a Saints of Denver novella, now available in paperback.)


Built book cover (Image)