Author: shannonckirk

Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-Eight: Dean Winchester and Castiel from “Supernatural”

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Saving people. Hunting things. That’s just another day in the life of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester and angel Castiel, our closer to this month of BroTPs. A man of earth and a creature of heaven, this dynamic duo takes care of the things that go bump in the night and keeps the world from ending. Literally. With a badass attitude, some wisecracks, and a little faith, we can all sleep a little easier tonight knowing Dean and Cas are looking out for humanity and each other.


Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-Seven: Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis from “One Tree Hill”

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As a teen, I was kind of obsessed with One Tree Hill. I wanted to live in Tree Hill, find my own Lucas Scott, have a closet full of Clothes Over Bros clothes, and go see Gavin DeGraw perform at Tric. Most of all, I wanted to be best friends Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer. The coolest girls on the Ravens cheer squad, Peyton was the angsty artist and music lover, and Brooke was the bubbly popular girl with a heart of gold and a wealth of underestimated intelligence. Their friendship was messy and complicated filled with boy drama and stupid rivalries. Yet, despite all that, there was always a real love between them. No matter how bad things were during any given season of the show, you could count on the fact that Brooke and Peyton would eventually forgive any transgressions and come out tighter and stronger friends by the end of the season. They faced some pretty dark things, including stalkers, a school shooting, and the death of a parent, all before graduating high school. However, no matter how dark things looked for one, the other was always right there with a pep talk, a shoulder to lean on, and the perfect soundtrack to cry to. They believed in each other’s dreams and never let each other give up. Because of that unwavering faith, Brooke was able to build a highly successful fashion brand, and Peyton was able to launch her own record label. As they embarked on married life with their beaus and became mothers, their friendship only strengthened. Peyton even named her daughter after Brooke. No matter where life took them, Brooke and Peyton always knew they had a home in their friendship.

Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-Six: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge from “Riverdale”


Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. You can’t have a list of iconic best friends without mentioning the leading ladies Riverdale. As American as apple pie, generations have spent decades following the adventures of Betty and Veronica in comic book form, but Riverdale takes to a whole new level. Like the All-American comic book series the show is based on, these girls are the epitome of the opposites-attract friendship. Betty is the sweet, overachieving girl-next-door with a heart of gold. Veronica is the worldly New Yorker who speaks in movie references and knows any outfit can be improved with pearls. Yet, from the moment they first met by chance in Pop’s Diner, they had an instant connection. Sure, the show touched on their infamous rivalry over the popular Archie, but the writers really took great care to place the focus on their relationship as best friends from day one. Betty helped Veronica feel at home in her new surroundings, and Veronica gave Betty a much needed confidence boost, encouraging Betty to try out for cheerleading. When one was being messed with, the other was right there defend her, whether is was nasty comments from the reigning queen bee or disgusting rumors from a guy on the football team. They bared their deepest secrets, shared milkshakes at Pop’s Diner, and even found the time to do a little detective work in between doing their homework. From familial issues to boyfriend drama, these badass ladies know they never have to face anything alone. I have a feeling Betty and Veronica will continue to be #friendshipgoals for decades to come.