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Shipping Saturday: Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan Finally Put a Ring on It on “Blue Bloods”

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Today may have been Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding day, fans of Blue Bloods have their own NYPD royal wedding to look forward to now that season beat cop Jamie Reagan popped the question to his on-screen love interest Eddie Janko.

This turn of events has been the happy ending we’ve been waiting for our favorite slow burning ship. In true Reagan fashion, these partners-turned-lovers revealed their new relationship status in the sweetest way at the family’s weekly Sunday dinner. Upon walking in, Jamie asked for one more place setting. Pulling Eddie into the room, he revealed that she was not their as his partner Officer Janko. Rather, he wanted his family to meet the future Mrs. Jamison Reagan. When Frank and Henry brought up that they no longer be partners on the job, Jamie invoked his Harvard Law School roots, stating he did his research and there was no rule on the books against it. They planned on being partners in every aspect of their lives. Upping the cuteness factor even further, Jamie and Eddie recited a rough draft of their their vows, which ended with Eddie calling Frank “dad.” With the loss of big brother Danny’s wife Linda still looming, Eddie’s entry into the Reagan clan may be just what the family needs to fill the void her death left behind and to help them all heal.

After seasons of waiting for them to wake up and realize they were meant for each other, this moment proved that Eddie and Jamie’s love story was well worth the wait. Looks like wedding bells will be ringing next season.

Watch the adorable Sunday dinner reveal below.


Irish Films Everyone Needs to See

Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig or Happy St. Patrick’s Day for all my non-Irish speaking readers. In honor of the holiday weekend, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Irish films I think you will all enjoy well after the kegs of green beer have been emptied and the last Irish potato has been eaten.

From dramas to romance, here are a few beautiful films set against the stunning backdrop of the Emerald Isle.

The Quiet Man


What It’s About: A retired American boxer travels to the Irish village he was born in to claim his family home and start a new life and find new love.

Why You Should Watch: The Quiet Man and St. Patrick’s Day go together like Santa and Christmas and fireworks and the Fourth of July. This timeless tale of romance, friendship, and redemption has captured the hearts of millions. From the brilliant performances of John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara to the breathtakingly beautiful shots of the Irish countryside, it is no wonder that this iconic classic film’s fan base spans generations. You’ll want to watch it again and again well past the end of March.

Leap Year


What It’s About: When bad weather strands her on Ireland’s west coast, a young American woman teams up with surly yet charming Irishman, so she get to Dublin and propose to her boyfriend on leap day.

Why You Should Watch: If rom-coms and Hallmark Channel-style love stories are your jam, Leap Year is the film for you. It is chock full of witty banter, will-they-won’t-they tension, and a running gag about a suitcase named Louie. With sparks flying from the moment they meet, you’ll be rooting for Anna to kick her current bland beau to curb for Irish hottie Declan. Okay, the film gets some flack for its lack of knowledge about Irish geography, but it makes up for it with charm and serious dose of fluffy goodness.

The Secret of Kells


What It’s About: A young boy, who apprentices scriptorium of the local monastery, is tasked by a master illustrator to complete an ancient yet unfinished magical book in the face of a pending barbarian attack.

Why You Should Watch: To put it simply, The Secret of Kells is a stunning piece of animation. Heavily influenced in the artistic style of early Irish monks, this film expertly blends fantasy and history to weave a tale about how the iconic Book of Kells was created. Throw in a lovable forest sprite and boy trying to find his purpose and you have a movie that is so much more than a kids’ flick.



What It’s About: A good-hearted priest wrestles with his cynical community and his own soul when he is threatened by a parishioner during confession.

Why You Should Watch: Calvary is a haunting film that grapples with the human condition. Every character, including the threatened priest, is seriously messed up in their own way. They lie. They deceive. Some are just really crappy people. Yet, you can’t help but root for all of them to somehow see the errors of their ways. Throw in a seriously dark mystery and you have a film that will leave you thinking long after the credits stop rolling.

The Secret of Roan Inish


What It’s About: A young girl is sent to live with her grandparents in quiet fishing village where she begins to unravel her family’s mysterious connection to a mythical Irish creature.

Why You Should Watch: Despite being set in the real world, The Secret of Roan Inish tells the story of the of the mythical selkie (aka Irish seal people) in such a way that you will be if they actually exist. Plus, Little Fiona is a super sweet little girl that will endear herself to you from opening credits to closing credits.

Waking Ned Devine


What It’s About: After a neighbor dies right after winning the lottery, a quirky village bands together to convince the claim inspector his is still alive, so they can cash in and split the money.

Why You Should Watch: Who doesn’t love a cast of quirky yet lovable characters who band together to pull off a hair-brained scheme? Not only is it impossible to not root for this cohort of townsfolk as they try to pull one over on the outside inspector, your heart will be warmed with the little connections everyone has with the deceased Ned. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be singing The Parting Glass for days.


Simple Tips to Add a Pop of Personality to Your Workspace

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On average, we spend 40 hours per week in our offices. This doesn’t take into account all early mornings, late nights, and working lunch hours we put in on a day-to-day basis. That is a lot of time spent toiling away and much of it is spent in our cubicles. Synonymous with corporate America, these square-like spaces have quite the reputation for being, well, boring. They are often uniform units colored in drab neutrals and lack any touch of warmth. However, you don’t have to resign yourself to be stuck in an uninspiring, cold workspace. With a few simple touches, create your own little home away from home office oasis.

Here are some easy ways to take your cubicle from blah to beautiful. (Just check your employee handbook to make sure none of these tips are against any company policies.)

Give your supplies a stylish facelift.

One of the easiest ways brighten up your bland cubicle is with cute stationary. Fill your workspace with pretty pens, fun-shaped sticky notes, and patterned notebooks for an instant touch of whimsy. Take advantage of the ability to take notes with colored pens. Trade plain desk supplies like scissors, tape dispensers, and manila folders for ones that feature cute colors and fun designs. Also, don’t forget about organization. In addition to investing in chic desk set, coffee mugs and and clear canisters are unique ways to corral pens, paperclips, scissors, and other bits and baubles, so they will always be in easy reach.

Get organized with playful pins.

Whether it’s your calendar, your system’s operating procedures, or a list of important contacts, we all have things we need to hang up for quick reference. If your cubicle consists of fabric boards, this means basic plastic tacks in bland primary colors. Give those outdated pushpins the boot and swap in a set of enamel pins. Just remove the clutch backs, and you have a playful way to display all your important papers. Save the backs for storing them, so you don’t scratch up your hands when reaching in the jar to grab one.

Make metal surfaces magical with magnets.

Is your workspace made of mostly metal? Invest in a a few packs of button magnets. Keep a clean look by picking ones with complimenting designs and colors. You’ll be able to hang up everything you need without turning your cabinet into a replica of your grandmother’s fridge. For literature and quote lovers, invest in a set of word magnets and have fun channeling your inner wordsmith with weekly or daily messages, words of wisdom, or uplifting sayings. (Just keep it clean.)

Bring the outside in.

Let’s face it. There are few things more depressing than being stuck in a windowless room flooded with nothing but artificial fluorescent lights. If you’re lucky, maybe you sit in front of an office where the person inside keeps their door open from time to time. Satisfy your craving for nature by picking up a pretty plant for your desk. Invest in low-need greenery like a bonsai tree, bamboo shoot, or terrarium. You’ll get the same mood-boosting effect without all the hassle and potential mess involved with caring for florals.

Add elements of things you love.

The walls of your workspace are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with pieces of your personality. Don’t limit yourself to the standard family and friends photos and cutesy calendars. Think outside the box. Vintage mini posters, quotable signs, and artistic photos of your favorite places create a chic yet playful vibe. Tie pretty bows made from ribbon or cheap scarves to drawer handles for a girly burst of color. Treat decorating your cubicle like you would your home. Get creative and let your uniqueness shine.