Favorite Fictional Friends Day Nineteen: Conrad Hawkins and Jude Silva from “The Resident”

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Okay, this post is part established cannon and part what I wish would have happened. Fox’s medical drama The Resident has a bevy of pretty awesome BroTPs, with many from the first episode still going strong. However, one of my favorites only lasted a few episodes: Dr. Conrad Hawkins and Dr. Jude Silva. From the moment he was introduced, Conrad was painted as a man who gave everything to his patients at the expense of his personal life. His relationships with his coworkers with friendly but seemingly surface level and his deepest connection was to ex-girlfriend nurse Nic Nevin. When U.S. Marine Corp. buddy Jude showed up, I was excited for Conrad to have an actual friend on the show, especially one tied to his history. He needed someone he could lean on in times of crisis and reel him in when he started taking unnecessary risks. At first, that seemed like the direction the writers were going in. A couple years older, Jude gave off a big brother vibe around Conrad. As they traded barbs, I hoped we would eventually see some deeper conversations about Conrad’s past and issues with PTSD. Jude had some serious potential to be Conrad’s rock, a safe haven who didn’t judge him when he needed to unload after a rough day. (It would have been really interesting to have Jude around during all his daddy drama.) They also shared a mutual love of thrill seeking and bending the rules to help their patients. Just think of the hell they could have raised. Of course, the writers chose to make Jude one more obstacle between Conrad and Nic and wrote him out after he served his purpose. I’m still holding out hope that Jude could reappear one day in Conrad’s life. Hey, a girl can dream…and read fanfiction.


Favorite Fictional Friends Day Eighteen: Lisbeth and Jess from “Being Audrey Hepburn”

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If you haven’t read Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman, I highly suggest you pick it up. It’s the story of Lisbeth, a Jersey girl who idolizes Audrey Hepburn and longs to escape her boring suburban life. When her best friend Jess, an intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art comes across the legendary little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she convinces Jess to let her try it on. This small act thrusts Lisbeth in the world Manhattan’s elite, allowing her to rewrite her story and transform into her own version of Audrey Hepburn. However, as she quickly learns, pretending to be someone you’re not is no easy task, and she finds herself stuck trying to straddle two completely different worlds. The book is high on soapy drama and flirty romances, but the real heart of this tale lies between the amazing friendship between Lisbeth and Jess. From the start, these girls are in on project Being Audrey together. Discovering a treasure trove of vintage designer dresses and accessories in her grandmother’s storage unit, Lisbeth gets the idea to have Jess rework all the dresses into new reinvented modern looks, allowing Lisbeth to pass as a socialite and getting Jess’ work featured in places like Page Six under pseudonym Designer X. Unlike a lot of other YA/NA books, any drama between Jess and Lisbeth is pretty minimal, and the girls remain pretty tight and super loyal to each other throughout. Lisbeth even goes out of her way try and make a few connections to help Jess launch her fashion career. I don’t want to spoil Being Audrey Hepburn for any of you looking add it your must-read list, but I will say Lisbeth and Jess will become one of the best parts of your reading experience.

Favorite Fictional Friends Day Seventeen: Riley Matthews and Maya Hart from “Girl Meets World”

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While Boy Meets World’s Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter were the reigning BroTP of the 1990s, Girl Meets World’s Riley Matthews and Maya Hart are redefining friendship goals for a new generation. From the first episode of this reboot, it was pretty obvious this dynamic duo was based off of their predecessors. The daughter of sitcom supercouple Cory and Topanga, Riley was bubbly, optimistic and a little awkward. She saw the best in people and believed everything would work itself out. A little rougher around the edges, Maya liked to stir up trouble and always had witty remark for any situation. Raised by a single mom with almost no contact with her father, she knew how hard life could be and struggled to have hope in what she considered a hopeless world. In the safety of Riley’s room seated at their bay window, they laughed, cried, and learned about life. Maya tried her hardest to shield Riley’s sunny world from rain clouds, and, when she couldn’t, she was her shelter until the storm passed. Riley was determined to give Maya a reason to hope, and she orchestrated a few magical moments to make her best friend smile. Whenever Maya tried to push her way, Riley held on tighter, refusing to be another person who gave up on her. Sure, there were a few squabbles here and there, but no stupid fight could keep them apart very long. In fact, they usually came out on the other side closer than ever. Over the course of three seasons, Riley and Maya learned that growing up could be scary, but, as long as you had a best friend by you side, taking on the world was much less intimidating.