September Reading List Day Twenty-Four: “All Growed Up” by Tony Macaulay

All Growed Up (Image)

Set in Belfast, Ireland in the 1980s, All Growed Up by Tony Macaulay is a hilarious tale of one boy’s quest to make something of himself at university. The last in a series of three memoirs, Macaulay openly and honestly shares all of his ups and downs as a student with a dream of becoming the next hard-hitting journalist and a peacemaker between the feuding Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland, complete with Hai Karate aftershave and a New Romantic haircut. Although he’s destined for greatness The University of Ulster, he never forgets his roots as that little paperboy Shankill. I stumbled upon Macaulay’s work during my senior year at DeSales University as member of the university’s writing honors society when he came to do a reading of his first book Paperboy. I happened to meet up with him last year at an Irish festival where he was promoting this book, which I immediately fell in love with. Sure, it may take place in another country in another decade, but the emotions are the same. Sweet, sentimental, and, at times, a little silly, All Growed Up is an honest memoir you’ll read again and again. (I guess that paperboy from Shankhill made something of himself after all.)

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