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Etsy Finds: 13 Items Perfect for Every “13 Reasons Why” Fan


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is sweeping the nation. Tackling tough subjects like suicide, sexual assault, and abuse, the series pulls back the curtain on high school life, giving gritty look at what it is like to be a teenager in this day and age. Hannah’s cautionary tale is painful for both her and the people she left behind. It drives home the point that suicide is never an option and that we should all strive to think before we act. With the show reaching new heights in popularity, Etsy has exploded with fan-created merchandise that captures the tragic beauty viewers have fallen in love with.

Here are thirteen Etsy finds inspired by 13 Reasons Why.

1. Jeff Atkins Deserved Better Mug

All Jeff wanted to do was get his grades up to play baseball and to help Clay get the girl. Honor his young life with this pretty mug.

 (Jeff Atkins Deserved Better Mug, $25.00, girlwitch)

2. Tape 13 Cassette Necklace

Complete with blue nail polish 13, this pretty little necklace is essential for any fan of the series.

 (13 Reasons Why Cassette Necklace, $7.88, NectarFromHeaven)

3. Squad Tee

This tee is for the most complicated squad Liberty High has ever seen.

 (13 Reasons Why Squad Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

4. 13 Reasons Why Poster

Colorful and little triply, this poster is a cool piece of art any fan would be proud to hang on her wall.

 (13 Reasons Why Print, $20.30, Velvetmusketeer)

5. Story of My Life Journal

Your thoughts deserve beautiful place to live. This journal is that perfect place.

 (13 Reasons Why Inspired Journal, $5.00, Memeories)

6. Monet’s Cafe Tee

Because we all wanted to hang out with Sky, Alex, Clay, and the rest of the crew at the coolest coffee shop in Crestmont. #FMLForever

 (Monet’s Cafe Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

7. Everything Matters Necklace

Everything affects everything. This necklace is the perfect reminder that every little thing you do matters.

 (Everything Matters Necklace, $9.37, lovedoesdesigns)

8. Justice for Hannah Tee

Hannah Baker deserved better. This tee says it all.

 (Justice for Hannah Tee, $18.00, Limboea)

9. FML Forever BFF Necklace Set

Got a best friend who has stood by you in during your darkest hour? Celebrate your friendship with this FML necklace set.

 (FML Forever BFF Necklace Set, $14.71, beckyslittleshop)

10. Liberty High Tigers Hoodie

Show your Liberty High pride with one of these hoodies frequently sported by troubled bad boy Justin Foley and the rest of the team.

 (Liberty Tigers Hoodie, $28.13, Frayel)

11. Crestmont Movie Theater Tee

Love stories weren’t only unfolding on screen at the Crestmont. Hannah and Clay’s played out behind the snack counter. Show your love for this tragic ship with this tee.

 (Crestmont Movie Theater Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

12. Warr;or Bracelet

Every day you get up, you are choosing to fight. Inspired by Project Semicolon, wear this bracelet to remind yourself that you are a warrior.

 (Warrior Semicolon Project Bracelet, $19.99, wishingwillowmetal)

13. My Story Isn’t Over Yet Sign

Your story is not over. Don’t end it. With 50% of proceeds going to Project Semicolon, this sign inspires and gives back.

 (My Story Isn’t Over Yet Project Semicolon Sign, $10.00, LotusandLilies)


Etsy Finds: “Girl Meets World” Edition

gmw cast b/w (Image)

Cory Matthews met the world, and now it’s his daughter Riley’s turn. On Disney Chanel’s Girl Meets World, Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart are learning how to navigate the world of growing up, first loves, family issues, and friendship. Along with Lucas Friar and Farkle Minkus, they are discovering life lessons, heartbreak, and, most importantly, who they are becoming. It’s a Boy Meets World for a new generation that both old fans and new will fall in love with.

Here the coolest Etsy finds every Girl Meets World fan will love whether you’re twelve or twenty-seven.

1. Protect Maya Hart Tee

Because we all Team Maya Hart.

maya hart tee (Protect Maya Hart T-Shirt, $14.95, ExcelsiorCo)

2. Believe in Pluto Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself to always have hope even if something feels like it’s a billion miles away.

believe in pluto tee (Believe in Pluto T-Shirt, $15.00, StrongImpactSub)

3. Rucas Watercolor Print

Every fan of the Lucas and Riley pairing needs this colorful rendition of their first kiss.

rucas watercolor (Girl Meets World Inspired Watercolor Print, $35.00, BBPandT)

4. Secret of Life Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself of the most important lesson Cory has ever taught.

secret of life tee (Secret of Life T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

5. Character Necklaces

Designed for each of the Core Four, these adorable necklaces perfectly capture the personalities of Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.

GMW character necklaces (Girl Meets World Character Necklaces, $6.00 each, MishMashedTreasures)

6. Darling I’m a Mess Tank

Any Sabrina Carpenter or Maya Hart fan would be proud to rock this tank. Maya may be a mess, but that’s why we love her.

darling i'm a mess tank (Darling I’m a Mess Tank, $12.00, StrongImpactSub)

7. What the Farkle Print

The perfect print so everyone knows what WTF really means to you.

what the farkle print (What the Farkle Downloadable Print, $2.99, MillieMoonGirl)

8. Judy the Sheep and Tombstone the Bull Tee

Commemorate Lucas’ short-lived rodeo career (and the biggest metaphor for his triangle with Maya and Riley) with this tee featuring his nemeses Judy the Bull and Tombstone the Bull.

sheep and bull tee (Judy and Tombstone T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

9. Custom Ship Bracelets and Necklace

Show some love to your favorite ship or customize it with your favorite Maya-ism with one of these personalized accessories.

hahurr bracelet (Personalized Chain and Bead Bracelet, $9.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rilaya (Personalized Rose Bracelet, $7.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rucas necklace (Personalized Plate Necklace, $8.95, ExcelsiorCo)

10. Cory and Topanga 2016 Election Tee

With her brains and his heart, you know our favorite 1990s power couple is the perfect choice to run our country and the world.

cory topanga 2016 election tee (Cory and Topanga Election 2016 T-Shirt, $14.00, CPClothing)

Etsy Finds: “Friday Night Lights”

friday night lights poster (Image)

For some, football is all about the NFL on Monday nights, but, for this girl, it’s all about the lights on a Friday night. I’ve recently been binge-watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and I have to say I’m officially hooked. High drama and emotion beautifully shot against the backdrop of high-stakes Texas football, this show has a lot of heart. Unlike most teen shows, this one puts most of its focus on the incredible bonds that form between friends, family and teammates. Every character has a purpose and depth, and their journeys and experiences feel much closer to the realistic things we’ve all been through.

Since I’m currently obsessed with the show, I decided to check out Etsy and see if there were other  fans who loved it as much as I do. Etsy did not disappoint. Even though it went off the air in 2011, the love for Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor, and Riggins, Saracen, and the rest of the players still lives on.

Want to show your Dillon Panthers pride? Check out these amazing products inspired by Friday Night Lights available exclusively on Etsy.

1. Tim Riggins Tote

Let the world know that Riggins has your heart.

tim riggins tote (Riggins Forever Tote, $15.00, WinonaForever)

2. Dillion Panthers Hoodie

Show some Panther pride.

dillon panthers hoodie (7 Dillon Panthers Hoodie, $24.99, Customtopshops)

3. Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Lose Hand-stamped Necklace or Bracelet

The perfect ways to remind yourself you can do anything if you just believe in yourself.

friday night lights necklace (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Necklace, $20.00, PrettyLittleThingsKB)

friday night lights bracelet (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Bracelet, $20.00, wishingwillowmetal)

4. Name Tee

Show some love to your favorite Texas guys.

friday night lights name tee (Friday Night Lights Names Tee, $25.00, MamaGlitter)

5. Inspirational Card Set

The Taylors always knew just what to say.


friday night lights card set (Deluxe Friday Night Lights Greeting Card Set, $15.00, EartherealDesign)

6. Everything I Know About Football Print

Let’s face it: Friday Night Lights pretty much taught us everything we know about the game.

friday night lights football print (Everything I Know About Football I Learned From Friday Night Lights, $15.00, GiveableGreetings)

7. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose. Travel Mug

A perfect way to get your Monday morning inspiration.

clear eyes full hearts can't lose travel mug (Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose Travel Mug, $22.00, withlovelouise)

8. This Girl Loves Her Friday Night Lights Tee

Show them where your allegiance lies.

this girl loves friday night lights tee (This Girl Loves Her Friday Night Lights Tee, $21.95, GottaLoveItInc)

9. Alternative Poster

From our favorite fictional coach’s shadow over our favorite players to the iconic slogan, this artistic interpretation of the show’s poster is the perfect item for any fan.

friday night lights poster (Friday Night Lights Alternative Poster, Starting at $11.00, TheCelluloidAndroid)

10. Riggins/Saracen Election Tee

We all know these two can make America great again one play at a time.

friday night lights election tee (Riggins/Saracen 2016 Tee, $15.00, CoralStreetDesigns)