Hot Topic Unveils It’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Fashion Collection

alice hot topic collection1 (Image)

What happens when Hot Topic draws its inspiration from Tim Burton’s latest film Alice Through the Looking Glass? You get a super stylish fashion collection that’s part whimsical, part steampunk, and overall stunning. An elegant mix of pastel colors, tailored cuts and Victorian flair, this limited edition line draws from the characters of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Red Queen to create several standout pieces that perfectly capture the topsy-turvy feeling that comes to mind when we think of Wonderland. It’s the perfect way to bring a little madness into your current wardrobe.

While it won’t officially be available until May 17, the entire collection is currently available for preorder here on Hot Topic’s website. Check out the images from their cookbook below.

alice hot topic collection2 (Image)

alice hot topic collection3 (Image)

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Shadowhunter Style: Isabelle’s Ruby Pendant

Shadowhunter Sty;e

From the books to the film to the television show, Isabelle Lightwood’s ruby pendant is the most recognized piece of jewelry in the Shadowhunter fandom.  Originally the property of warlock Magnus Bane and passed down through several generations of the Lightwood family, it pulsates and glows to warn its wearer that demons are nearby. I was thrilled that it was includedcin Shadowhunters and even more so by the fact that they kept the same design from the film. To me, Izzy just wouldn’t be the girl we all know and love without it.

isabelle lightwood pendant photo (Image)

From exact recreations to ones that capture its overall feel, here are some great pendants designed like Izzy’s iconic pendant.

izzy pendant 1 (Isabelle/Camille’s Ruby Inspired Pendant Necklace, $75.00, Etsy)

izzy pendant 2 (Lava Expandable Necklace, $98.00, Alex and Ani)

izzy pendant 4 (Isabelle Lightwood’s Ruby Pendant Necklace, $8.99, Etsy)

izzy pendant 3

 (Luminous Wire Wrapped Crystal Stone Necklace, $4.80, NewChic)

izzy pendant 7 (Medieval Red Crystal Gothic Necklace, $39.00, Etsy)

izzy pendant 5 (Swarovski Red Crystal Teardrop Pendant, $16.00, Netaya)

Izzy pendant 6 (Ruby Gothic Heart Necklace, $32.00, Etsy)

Wicked Little Style: 4 Looks Inspired by Pretty Little Liars Halloween 2013


(Image: Glamour)

Pretty Little Liars aired its annual Halloween episode this week aka the episode that gives us Pretty Little Liars fans our fix between the summer and winter seasons of the show. This year’s year’s episode picks up where the summer finale left off with Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria in the creepy town of Ravenswood the home of A’s latest liar. In an attempt to track down A and prove once and for all that Alison is in fact alive, the girls crash Ravenswood’s annual Founder’s Day party held in the town graveyard.

Storywise, I thought this episode wasn’t as strong those of years past. It felt like the show’s writers were too focused on using it to set up the Pretty Little Liars spinoff Ravenswood which is set in the town, especially with how often they bounced back and forth between the liars and Hanna’s boyfriend Caleb on the bus. It felt like the actual Pretty Little Liars part was crammed into only half of the episode, and, in my opinion, it took away from the show’s overall suspense. (I did like how Hanna was the standout in this one, especially her interactions with Ravenswood character Miranda and her goodbye scene Caleb. I thought Ashley Benson did an outstanding job.)

However, while I wasn’t crazy about the episode itself, I thought this year’s costumes were the best to date. In keeping with the theme of Ravenswood’s 1900s themed Founder’s Day festivities, the costumes were intricately designed with lush layers of color, texture and detail. Every time the dresses would come into view I found myself seeing new little embellishments I hadn’t noticed before. I particularly loved how each girl pulled the elements from the victorian era or the 1920s that reflected her own unique style. The overall theme was unified without the girls looking like clones or losing their own individuality.

In honor of the Halloween season, here are a few looks I put together inspired by Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily in this year’s Pretty Little Liars special. (For product information, please click on the Polyvore links below each image.)

Hanna Marin

The undisputed queen of style, Hanna’s taken a page from The Great Gatsby and gone totally 1920s for this year’s special. Get the same glamourous  feel with a palette of neutrals and soft golds accented by pearls and hints of lace.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna Halloween

(Image: Polyvore)

Aria Montgomery

Leave it to Aria to add a little steampunk twist to her early 1900-inspired frock. Victorian staples, black lace and gothic accessories bring this look to life.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Aria

(Image: Polyvore)

Spencer Hastings

Known for her classic style with a modern twist, it’s no surprise Spencer went for the most traditional looking ensemble. Channel her sophisticatedly stunning look with lacy blouse and pencil skirt and top it with a beautiful velveteen waist coat.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Spencer

(Image: Polyvore)

Emily Fields

Never one to go for the ultra-feme, Emily goes for a menswear chic 1920s gangster-inspired vibe. Get her look with cleanly cut pieces in navy and black and infuse it with subtle feminine touches and hints of silver.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Emily

(Image: Polyvore)