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Etsy Finds: “Girl Meets World” Edition

gmw cast b/w (Image)

Cory Matthews met the world, and now it’s his daughter Riley’s turn. On Disney Chanel’s Girl Meets World, Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart are learning how to navigate the world of growing up, first loves, family issues, and friendship. Along with Lucas Friar and Farkle Minkus, they are discovering life lessons, heartbreak, and, most importantly, who they are becoming. It’s a Boy Meets World for a new generation that both old fans and new will fall in love with.

Here the coolest Etsy finds every Girl Meets World fan will love whether you’re twelve or twenty-seven.

1. Protect Maya Hart Tee

Because we all Team Maya Hart.

maya hart tee (Protect Maya Hart T-Shirt, $14.95, ExcelsiorCo)

2. Believe in Pluto Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself to always have hope even if something feels like it’s a billion miles away.

believe in pluto tee (Believe in Pluto T-Shirt, $15.00, StrongImpactSub)

3. Rucas Watercolor Print

Every fan of the Lucas and Riley pairing needs this colorful rendition of their first kiss.

rucas watercolor (Girl Meets World Inspired Watercolor Print, $35.00, BBPandT)

4. Secret of Life Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself of the most important lesson Cory has ever taught.

secret of life tee (Secret of Life T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

5. Character Necklaces

Designed for each of the Core Four, these adorable necklaces perfectly capture the personalities of Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.

GMW character necklaces (Girl Meets World Character Necklaces, $6.00 each, MishMashedTreasures)

6. Darling I’m a Mess Tank

Any Sabrina Carpenter or Maya Hart fan would be proud to rock this tank. Maya may be a mess, but that’s why we love her.

darling i'm a mess tank (Darling I’m a Mess Tank, $12.00, StrongImpactSub)

7. What the Farkle Print

The perfect print so everyone knows what WTF really means to you.

what the farkle print (What the Farkle Downloadable Print, $2.99, MillieMoonGirl)

8. Judy the Sheep and Tombstone the Bull Tee

Commemorate Lucas’ short-lived rodeo career (and the biggest metaphor for his triangle with Maya and Riley) with this tee featuring his nemeses Judy the Bull and Tombstone the Bull.

sheep and bull tee (Judy and Tombstone T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

9. Custom Ship Bracelets and Necklace

Show some love to your favorite ship or customize it with your favorite Maya-ism with one of these personalized accessories.

hahurr bracelet (Personalized Chain and Bead Bracelet, $9.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rilaya (Personalized Rose Bracelet, $7.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rucas necklace (Personalized Plate Necklace, $8.95, ExcelsiorCo)

10. Cory and Topanga 2016 Election Tee

With her brains and his heart, you know our favorite 1990s power couple is the perfect choice to run our country and the world.

cory topanga 2016 election tee (Cory and Topanga Election 2016 T-Shirt, $14.00, CPClothing)


Boy Meets Etsy: The Best Etsy Finds for the Ultimate “Boy Meets World” Fan

Boy Meets World cast (Image)

Is there any sitcom more beloved to a 1990s kid than Boy Meets World? I don’t think so.

From 1993 to 2000, we loved, laughed and learned with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric and Mr. Feeny as they tackled trials and tribulations of growing up. As the embarked on relationships, chased dreams and over came obstacles, we learned there is no one wiser than Mr. Feeny, Cory and Topanga were always meant to be, and life would be nothing without the love of family and friends. The show continues to remain popular in syndication and has maintained a devoted fan base. (I, for one fully admit to binge-watching the series from time to time.) Most recently, the Disney Channel rebooted the franchise with its new show Girl Meets World, which follows the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley, opening a whole new generation to discover Boy Meets World.

For Boy Meets World fans old and new, here are some great Etsy finds that pay homage to one of television’s best sitcoms.

1. I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt

Because you never really got over your crush on Shawn Hunter.

Shawn hunter T-Shirt (I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt, $16.98, ManBearWear)

2. Dream. Try. Do Good. Bangle

Wear the most iconic advice we received from Mr. Feeny in the show’s series finale to remind yourself of what’s really important.

Boy Meets World bangle(Do Good Bracelet, $12.00, StampAmour)

3. Mr. Feeny T-Shirt

Is there anything about life the world didn’t learn from the greatest television teacher of all time?

Mr. Feeny T-Shirt (Everything I Need to Know in Life Was Taught To Me By Mr. Feeny T-Shirt, $14.99, MyPartyShirt)

4. Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings

Pay homage the greatest love story-of the 1990s-ever told with these adorable earrings.

Cory and Topanga earrings (Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings, $7.00, thelordoftheearrings)

5. Boy Meets World Sneakers

These colorful sneakers are the ultimate fan footwear.

Boy Meets World Sneakers     (Favorite TV Show or Movie Design Shoes, $36.00, FlapjacksandFlannel)

6. You’re My Cory and You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set

Because finding your own Cory or Topanga is something worth celebrating every single day.

Cory and Topanga mugs (You’re My Cory You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set, $20.00, TulaTinkers)