Hot Topic Unveils It’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” Fashion Collection

alice hot topic collection1 (Image)

What happens when Hot Topic draws its inspiration from Tim Burton’s latest film Alice Through the Looking Glass? You get a super stylish fashion collection that’s part whimsical, part steampunk, and overall stunning. An elegant mix of pastel colors, tailored cuts and Victorian flair, this limited edition line draws from the characters of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Red Queen to create several standout pieces that perfectly capture the topsy-turvy feeling that comes to mind when we think of Wonderland. It’s the perfect way to bring a little madness into your current wardrobe.

While it won’t officially be available until May 17, the entire collection is currently available for preorder here on Hot Topic’s website. Check out the images from their cookbook below.

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Shadowhunter Style: S1:E2 “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

This week on Shadowhunters, we pick up right where we left off as Clary, with Jace by her side, faces the Silent Brothers and mortal sword in hopes of unlocking her memories, Alec questions Clary’s motives, and Isabelle flirts with Simon, who gets kidnapped by a group of vampires. While everyone pretty much stayed in the same outfits from the end of last week’s episode, accessories took center stage with the explanation of the importance of the necklace from Clary’s mom. The beautiful purple stone is enchanted with powers that allow Clary to help track down the warlock Dot.

Clary purple necklace (Image)

While you probably won’t be able to find one with powers, this gorgeous purple pendant is an essential piece for your shadowhunter wardrobe. Here are some great options for finding your own Clary inspired necklace.

clary pendant 5 (Geometric Amethyst Pendant, $45.46, Etsy)

Clary pendant 1 (Wire Wrapped Amethyst Stone Point Pendant, $12.00, Goddess Isis Books and Gifts)

clary pendant 4 (Amethyst cabochon sterling silver wire wrapped pendant, $45.00, Etsy)

Clary pendant 3 (Dee Berkley Amethyst and Drusy Crystal Necklace,$52.00, Zappos)

clary pendant 6  (Amethyst Crystal Pendant, $65.00, Etsy)

Clary pendant 2 (Infinity Circle Crystal Quartz Amethyst Pendant Silver Necklace, $29.99, Open Sky)

Shadowhunter Style: S1:E1 “The Mortal Cup”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

After months and months of waiting, the highly anticipated new show Shadowhunters, based off of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling books The Mortal Instruments, finally premiered this week on on Freeform (formerly ABC Family). In addition to enough action, mystery, and romance to satisfy any fan of the TMI books, viewers are also in for an urban fantasy fashion treat. The show’s wardrobe department proves that these new shadowhunters are keeping up the tradition of looking better in black since 1234 by creating some seriously badass looks for its leading ladies. The sexy, rock-and-roll-infused style automatically set the show  apart from the rest of Freeform’s usual elevated everyday looks made popular by programs like Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth.

However, many of these urban fantasy looks can be a bit intimidating to try at first as many of them look more like cosplay pieces rather than chic pieces. This is where Will Write For Boots comes in. For the rest of the season, I’ll be breaking down the looks and fashion moments in each episode and providing you with tips and tricks for translating these bold outfits into wearable ones you can rock every day.

Here is your first weekly fashion breakdown of the first episode of Shadowhunters, so you can take your favorite looks from the screen to the streets.


clary pilot  (Image)

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Clary is thrust from her mundane life as an art student into the world of demons and downworlders. With three distinct outfits throughout the episode, her wardrobe undergoes a noticeable style change that showcases her transformation from typical New York City teen to badass shadowhunter-in-training.

Look 1

Embodying New York’s laid-back downtown vibe, Clary makes a big impression on the committee during her art school interview. Her look is fairly easy to recreate with gray skinny jeans, a loose striped tee, and a green military jacket. Complete the look with simple black booties and a stack of bohemian bracelets like the ones Clary wore.

Look 2

Clary’s ready for a night of birthday fun with her best friend Simon at Pandemonium in a sexy mesh top and ripped jeans. Instead of a full mesh top, look for one that is mostly solid with mesh cutouts for more coverage to pair with distressed black jeans. Finish the look off with booties from look one and a beaded chain link belt for a little bling.

Look 3

After her clothes were destroyed in a demon attack, Clary gets her first official shadowhunter look courtesy of Isabelle’s closet consisting of a flared leather skirt, sleeveless corseted leather tank with a plunging neckline, and a a pair of knee-high heeled boots. Create tamer version of this look by pairing a a flared leather skirt with a fabric v-neck tank instead of a leather one. Finish it off with tall boots with a lower heel and, if you want more coverage, the military jacket from look one.

clary pilot looks


Isabelle pilot (Image)

Beautiful, brilliant and lethal, Isabelle is one shadowhunter you wouldn’t want to underestimate. Described by the boys as being very comfortable with her body, she’s not afraid to push the fashion envelope with punk rock pieces that show a whole lot of skin.

Look 1

From the moment she steps on screen, Isabelle demands you take notice without ever saying a word. Her steampunk jacket is a luxe statement piece that is a look all on its own. Get your hands on your own version of this coat by paying a visit to Hot Topic’s website. With a wide variety of pieces to pick from, you’ll find the perfect Isabelle approved jacket.

Look 2

Once her coat in look one comes off, no demon can resist Isabelle in a white leather miniskirt and barely there white leather crop top. Recreate a more polished version of this look with a white pencil skirt and white crop top that still shows some skin in a fabric material instead of the leather. Swap out her booties for sleeker nude heels, and finish it off with a military-inspired jacket for more coverage as cool twist on her coat from look one.

Look 3

Even when she’s not luring demons into traps, Isabelle still makes a fashion statement in sky-high heels, skintight jeans and cropped halter top that shows more skin than it covers. Try slightly tamer version by pairing zipper-embelished skinny jeans with a sleeveless top that features lace cutouts for for sexy yet slightly more covered effect. Finish your outfit off with studded high heeled booties.

isabelle pilot looks

Don’t forget to watch Shadowhunters Tuesday nights at 9/c only on Freeform.