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Style Worth Stealing: 5 Looks Inspired by TNT’s Leverage

(Image: IMDB)

They rob from the rich and give to the poor. When you’ve been wronged, the team that makes it right. They always get their man. Oh, did we mention they’re criminals?

Television’s favorite band of Robin Hoods is back! Leverage premiered its fifth season this week on TNT and the team’s never looked better. They actually looked so good that we decided to take a page out of their book and swipe a few of their style secrets.

Here’s five looks inspired by the cast of Leverage. Just click on the link below each image for full product information and be sure to check out Leverage every Sunday at 8/7c only on TNT.

1. Sophie: The Grifter

Beautiful, brilliant and poised, Sophie loves style and beauty almost as much as she loves pulling one over on a mark. She’s can be a little over the top and loves to make a statement when she steps onto the scene. Stand out like Sophie with a sparkly dress, tailored leather jacket and heeled booties. Finish off with with some simple accessories to keep from overpowering your look.

(Image: Polyvore)

2. Parker: The Thief

A puzzle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, Parker will keep you on your toes as she steals your wallet. Stick with fitted, well-cut basics and add in unexpected pops of color a la Parker like a red messenger bag and sneakers. Top it off with some french fry lip balm. (Totally Parker!)

 (Image: Polyvore)

3. Eliot: The Hitter

Eliot may be the tough-as-nails muscle, but, underneath that tough exterior, he’s just a down home guy. Tap into Eliot’s rough-and-tumble-meets-cowboy vibe with ripped boot-cut jeans and a fitted flannel shirt. Add some feminine¬†touches with a lace tank, heeled boots and a braided cuff.

(Image: Polyvore)

4. Hardison: The Hacker

With a quick wit and a computer system that would make any high-tech company jealous, Hardison is the one who provides everything needed to make a con look legit. Hack into his style code by pairing a cropped army jacket with a bright logo tee-the Crush one below pays homage to his love of orange soda-and jeans. Finish off with a bright, trendy watch and a scarf like he often wears on the show.

(Image: Polyvore)

5. Nate: The Brains

Every good scheme needs a great plan, and, when it comes to plans, Nate is the go-to-guy. He’s slick, smart and hardly ever seen out of his signature suit. Try our female version with a golden button-down, black pencil skirt and chic vest. Don’t forget the tie!

(Image: Polyvore)