Hot Topic Unveils an Exclusive “Orphan Black” Collection and It’s Awesome!

Hot Topic Orphan Black (Image)

Hot Topic has had a lot of film-based fashion collections in recent years, but I think their latest one inspired by the hit sci-fi television show Orphan Black may be their best one to date. I’ll be honest. I don’t know much about Orphan Black other than it airs on BBC and centers around clones. (I have been meaning to check it out though.) However, I’m obsessing about this collection. Inspired by the styles of main characters Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena, this collection is a cool blend of edge and feminine polish with items that can be dressed up or dressed down. Each piece is crafted to represent a character’s unique look, yet all the pieces can easily mixed-and-matched. For example, Sarah’s motorcycle jacket would go great with Helena’s 1970’s inspired white dress, while Alison’s gun trimmed cardigan could be worn over Cosima’s red dress. Most of all, I think what really sets this collection apart from the others Hot Topic has done in the past is that all the items could be realistically worn every day. While previous collections featured primarily gothic and steampunk pieces with heavy themed detailing that felt more like costumes, the Orphan Black collection utilizes on subtle embellishments of helixes and Sestras on classically cut pieces that can be worn to the office or on a night on the town.

The Orphan Black fashion collection is currently available for preorder now on Hot Topic’s website with an an official release date of April 13. Check out how Hot Topic styled the looks of Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena below.

Hot Topic Orphan Black Sarah(Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Alison (Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Cosima (Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Helena (Image)


Calling All Rentheads: The Best Etsy Finds Inspired by “Rent”



Recently, I’ve been rereading one of my favorite memoirs Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss and the Musical Rent by  Anthony Rapp and rediscovering my love for my favorite musical of all time Rent.

Written by the amazingly talented Jonathan Larson, Rent is the story a of the year in life of a group of struggling artists who are trying to survive and create in New York City’s East Village during the early 1990s. The show tackles tough topics of poverty, homosexuality, addiction and HIV/AIDS set to rock, pop and gospel inspired numbers. While often dark and dramatic, Rent exudes a message of hope and celebration encouraging theatergoers to love, dream and live as if there is no day but today.

Since discovering this beautiful show through the 2005 film, I’ve seen the show almost half a dozen times on stage (including once on Broadway and the national tour that featured original cast members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal), and it only gets better with each time. There is just something about the blend of the story, the characters, and the message of celebrating every moment of life that keeps me coming back time and time again.

So for all my fellow Rentheads out there, here are the best Rent inspired items Etsy has to offer.

1. No Day But Today Fine Silver Necklace

With its delicate design and subtle sparkly accents, this necklace pairs perfectly with just about anything in your wardrobe.

No Day But Today Silver Necklace

(No Day But Today Fine Silver Necklace, $38.00, baublesandbubbles)

2. Mark Cohen Scarf

Infuse some Rent style into your winter wardrobe with this replica of Mark Cohen’s iconic blue and white scarf.

Mark scarf

(Mark’s Rent Scarf, $28.00, JensNerdyKnitting)

3. Without You Bangle

Inscribed with the beautifully heartbreaking lyrics of Jonathan Larson, you will never want to be without  sleek silver bangle.

Without You Bangle

(Hand Stamped Without You Rent Bracelet, $20.00, FaithHopeBelieve)

4. Mimi Marquez Arm Warmers

With four fun colors to pick from, these Mimi inspired arm warmers are the perfect accessory for when you go out tonight.

Mimi Arm Warmers

(Mimi Marquez Nylon Shiny Arm Warmers, $32.00, TrixyXchange)

5. La Vie Boheme Necklace

Celebrate the bohemian life and all things creative with this necklace whose words be can be customized in one of ten available colors.

la vie boheme

(La Vie Boheme Necklace, $22.00, Exaltation)

6. Seasons of Love Wall Art

What better way to display the lyrics to one of your favorite songs than with this pretty print?

Seasons of Love Wall art

(RENT Seasons of Love Infographic Lyrics, $36.00, lavendersbluedesign)

7. Rent No Day Necklace with Quote Tag

This necklace sets itself apart with its gift tag that features the lines of the eulogy given at Angel’s funeral.

Rent necklace with quote tag

(Rent No Day Necklace, $13.40, BethanyMJewellery)

8. Knitted Character Dolls

Bring all your favorite members of the East Village bohemians home with this series of cuddly knitted dolls. (Admit it: You’ve always wanted your very own Mark and Roger.)

rent roger doll

(Rent Doll Collection Roger, $35.00, MooshiesKnitPalace)