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Favorite Fictional Friends Day Seventeen: Riley Matthews and Maya Hart from “Girl Meets World”

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While Boy Meets World’s Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter were the reigning BroTP of the 1990s, Girl Meets World’s Riley Matthews and Maya Hart are redefining friendship goals for a new generation. From the first episode of this reboot, it was pretty obvious this dynamic duo was based off of their predecessors. The daughter of sitcom supercouple Cory and Topanga, Riley was bubbly, optimistic and a little awkward. She saw the best in people and believed everything would work itself out. A little rougher around the edges, Maya liked to stir up trouble and always had witty remark for any situation. Raised by a single mom with almost no contact with her father, she knew how hard life could be and struggled to have hope in what she considered a hopeless world. In the safety of Riley’s room seated at their bay window, they laughed, cried, and learned about life. Maya tried her hardest to shield Riley’s sunny world from rain clouds, and, when she couldn’t, she was her shelter until the storm passed. Riley was determined to give Maya a reason to hope, and she orchestrated a few magical moments to make her best friend smile. Whenever Maya tried to push her way, Riley held on tighter, refusing to be another person who gave up on her. Sure, there were a few squabbles here and there, but no stupid fight could keep them apart very long. In fact, they usually came out on the other side closer than ever. Over the course of three seasons, Riley and Maya learned that growing up could be scary, but, as long as you had a best friend by you side, taking on the world was much less intimidating.


Etsy Finds: “Girl Meets World” Edition

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Cory Matthews met the world, and now it’s his daughter Riley’s turn. On Disney Chanel’s Girl Meets World, Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart are learning how to navigate the world of growing up, first loves, family issues, and friendship. Along with Lucas Friar and Farkle Minkus, they are discovering life lessons, heartbreak, and, most importantly, who they are becoming. It’s a Boy Meets World for a new generation that both old fans and new will fall in love with.

Here the coolest Etsy finds every Girl Meets World fan will love whether you’re twelve or twenty-seven.

1. Protect Maya Hart Tee

Because we all Team Maya Hart.

maya hart tee (Protect Maya Hart T-Shirt, $14.95, ExcelsiorCo)

2. Believe in Pluto Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself to always have hope even if something feels like it’s a billion miles away.

believe in pluto tee (Believe in Pluto T-Shirt, $15.00, StrongImpactSub)

3. Rucas Watercolor Print

Every fan of the Lucas and Riley pairing needs this colorful rendition of their first kiss.

rucas watercolor (Girl Meets World Inspired Watercolor Print, $35.00, BBPandT)

4. Secret of Life Tee

Wear this tee to remind yourself of the most important lesson Cory has ever taught.

secret of life tee (Secret of Life T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

5. Character Necklaces

Designed for each of the Core Four, these adorable necklaces perfectly capture the personalities of Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.

GMW character necklaces (Girl Meets World Character Necklaces, $6.00 each, MishMashedTreasures)

6. Darling I’m a Mess Tank

Any Sabrina Carpenter or Maya Hart fan would be proud to rock this tank. Maya may be a mess, but that’s why we love her.

darling i'm a mess tank (Darling I’m a Mess Tank, $12.00, StrongImpactSub)

7. What the Farkle Print

The perfect print so everyone knows what WTF really means to you.

what the farkle print (What the Farkle Downloadable Print, $2.99, MillieMoonGirl)

8. Judy the Sheep and Tombstone the Bull Tee

Commemorate Lucas’ short-lived rodeo career (and the biggest metaphor for his triangle with Maya and Riley) with this tee featuring his nemeses Judy the Bull and Tombstone the Bull.

sheep and bull tee (Judy and Tombstone T-Shirt, $10.00, StrongImpactSub)

9. Custom Ship Bracelets and Necklace

Show some love to your favorite ship or customize it with your favorite Maya-ism with one of these personalized accessories.

hahurr bracelet (Personalized Chain and Bead Bracelet, $9.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rilaya (Personalized Rose Bracelet, $7.95, ExcelsiorCo)

rucas necklace (Personalized Plate Necklace, $8.95, ExcelsiorCo)

10. Cory and Topanga 2016 Election Tee

With her brains and his heart, you know our favorite 1990s power couple is the perfect choice to run our country and the world.

cory topanga 2016 election tee (Cory and Topanga Election 2016 T-Shirt, $14.00, CPClothing)

Shipping Saturday: Maya Hart and Lucas Friar of “Girl Meets World”

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I’ll admit it.

I’m a twenty-something that watches Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World,and shamelessly ships two of its four leads Maya Hart and Lucas Friar aka Lucaya. One of the most hotly debated ships of the Boy Meets World sequel, Maya and Lucas are the couple we weren’t supposed to fall in love with. After all, Lucas is destined to end up with Riley Matthews aka the daughter of everyone’s beloved childhood sweethearts Cory and Topanga Matthews.


Well, it looks like Lucas may have other plans. Somewhere along the way, he started falling for the blonde beauty instead of the pretty brunette. No matter how hard they may try to fight it for the sake of their group, these two are drawn to each other time and time again, which has led to the never-ending love triangle of Riley/Lucas/Maya.

Now that it looks like everything may be coming to a head, it’s getting close to decision time for Lucas. All signs seem to point towards Maya getting the guy.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why Lucaya just might be endgame.

They both put thought into their little game.

Since day one, Maya has made her mission to get under Lucas’ skin. She teases him about his country roots and good boy image at every turn, only referring to him by a series of nicknames she’s thought up over the years. She invades his personal space, leaning back on his desk in class and playfully roughhousing with him after school. However, Lucas doesn’t lie down and take it. Instead he joins right in, issuing a perfectly timed comeback, an off-the-cuff remark, or even playing right into her joke. Metaphorically speaking, she kicks him under the desk, so he pulls on her pigtails. Yet, under all the one-upping, there is a mutual respect between them. They’ve each met their match in the other, and, though they drive each other crazy, they both love that the other never backs down.

They are more alike than meets the eye.

On the surface, Lucas and Maya seem like total opposites. He’s the perfect moral compass,and she’s the wild rebel without a cause. However, when you peel back the layers on both of them, you find that they have more in common than you think. Both keep large parts of themselves hidden away from the rest of the world. Under all her brashness, Maya has a heart of gold and would lay down her life for the people she cares about. Lucas, on the other hand, has some serious edges underneath his Southern charm and sweet smile. They understand that neither is perfect, and they are okay with it.

It’s the quiet moments.

When it comes to these two, the most is said when they say nothing at all. A shared smile, a simple touch, or a stolen glance convey more about how these two feel than words could ever say. Then, of course, there is that almost kiss under the Texas sky. No words(or even an actual kiss) needed for them to admit that there were serious sparks between them.

Lucas is always Maya’s corner.

Time and again, Lucas has proven that he’s got Maya’s back. He fought for the school art program, because he knew how much art means to her. He offered silent support when she dealt with her issues with her father. When it looks like she’s about to cross a line, he desperately tries to pull her back, because he knows what can happen and doesn’t want to see her go down that path. He sees the best in her even when she doesn’t, seeing her amazing strength when all she can see are her flaws. He believes in her and sees he girl with the amazing heart even when she tries to hide it. At the end of the day, he just wants what’s best for Maya and for her to be happy.

Maya does care about Lucas, even if she doesn’t always show it.

Sure, Maya is always looking for a new way to rile Lucas up, but she has serious soft spot for her favorite cowboy. She’s not afraid of his dark past and was the only one who didm’t flinch when Lucas told them he was expelled and held back a year at his old school for fighting and anger issues. However, just like he does for her, she steps in when she thinks he may cross a line he can’t comeback from, like when he was he was going to beat up a bully who was hassling their friends. She also hates the idea of him getting hurt. She was furious when he wanted to ride a bull at the rodeo, because she was terrified something would happen to him. Just the thought the risk shook her to her core. Even though she doesn’t say it out loud, Maya cares deeply for Lucas and can’t stand the thought of anyone or anything ever causing him pain.

Lucas is holding back on making his choice.

If he were really going to choose Riley, this whole love triangle would have been resolved in three part Texas episode back in season two. Instead, Lucas has been dragging his feet on making a clear decision for a long time now. On the rare occasion he gets close to voicing his feelings, Maya immediately shuts him down, while Riley is always the one pushing to know. Both of them know that Riley would be devastated, at least for a little while, if Lucas picked Maya. They would rather put off being together than cause Riley any pain.

Lucas fell off the sheep, but he stayed on the bull.

Riley is the sheep that took him down as a kid. Maya is the bull he found the strength to hold onto. Enough said.

lucaya sheep bull (Image)