Shadowhunter Style: Isabelle’s Ruby Pendant

Shadowhunter Sty;e

From the books to the film to the television show, Isabelle Lightwood’s ruby pendant is the most recognized piece of jewelry in the Shadowhunter fandom.  Originally the property of warlock Magnus Bane and passed down through several generations of the Lightwood family, it pulsates and glows to warn its wearer that demons are nearby. I was thrilled that it was includedcin Shadowhunters and even more so by the fact that they kept the same design from the film. To me, Izzy just wouldn’t be the girl we all know and love without it.

isabelle lightwood pendant photo (Image)

From exact recreations to ones that capture its overall feel, here are some great pendants designed like Izzy’s iconic pendant.

izzy pendant 1 (Isabelle/Camille’s Ruby Inspired Pendant Necklace, $75.00, Etsy)

izzy pendant 2 (Lava Expandable Necklace, $98.00, Alex and Ani)

izzy pendant 4 (Isabelle Lightwood’s Ruby Pendant Necklace, $8.99, Etsy)

izzy pendant 3

 (Luminous Wire Wrapped Crystal Stone Necklace, $4.80, NewChic)

izzy pendant 7 (Medieval Red Crystal Gothic Necklace, $39.00, Etsy)

izzy pendant 5 (Swarovski Red Crystal Teardrop Pendant, $16.00, Netaya)

Izzy pendant 6 (Ruby Gothic Heart Necklace, $32.00, Etsy)


Shadowhunter Style: S1:E5 “Moo Shu to Go”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, the gang faces a pack of angry werewolves after Clary gets kidnapped on Alec’s watch, Luke proves his loyalty to Clary, and Alec and Isabelle’s mother Mayrse returns to the New York Institute.

While she embraced adoptive son Jace with open arms, Mayrse’s reunion with her biological children was less than warm, especially with Isabelle. From their first lines, it’s clear that mother and daughter have their issues. These two women couldn’t be anymore different than night and day in both their actions and their personal styles. They may both wear black dresses in this episode, but the dresses themselves and the way they are styles are two completely different looks. (Both ladies do love a bold red lip though. Maybe there is hope.)

isabelle and mayrse e5 (Image)

Isabelle’s Look

Mayrse may disapprove of her daughter’s vamped up look, but Isabelle doesn’t let that distain for her appearance force her into conforming to her mother’s more conservative ways. She puts her own sexy spin on the classic LBD, and now you can too. Start with a sleeveless black dress that has a zip-up front and layer a sexy lace bralette underneath. Slide the zipper down just far enough, the bralette peeks out. Pull on a pair of thigh-high boots, and finish the look off with a bold ring, a red stone pendant and a snake cuff bracelet. Isabelle would totally approve.

Mayrse’s Look

Unlike her daughter’s wild child ways, Mayrse is much more conservative in both her actions and her personal style. She is a woman who truly believes appearances are everything, and the most important thing is how her family is looked upon by the Clave. Get her sleek business look by pairing a sleeveless, modestly cut, textured black dress with a peplum blazer and and simple pumps. Use an embellished belt to chinch the blazer at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette. Finish the look off with a stretchy gray stone bracelet, dainty stacked rings, and some simple stud earrings. The only thing missing is Mayrse’s don’t-mess-with-me attitude.

isabelle and mayrse e5

Shadowhunter Style: S1:E2 “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

This week on Shadowhunters, we pick up right where we left off as Clary, with Jace by her side, faces the Silent Brothers and mortal sword in hopes of unlocking her memories, Alec questions Clary’s motives, and Isabelle flirts with Simon, who gets kidnapped by a group of vampires. While everyone pretty much stayed in the same outfits from the end of last week’s episode, accessories took center stage with the explanation of the importance of the necklace from Clary’s mom. The beautiful purple stone is enchanted with powers that allow Clary to help track down the warlock Dot.

Clary purple necklace (Image)

While you probably won’t be able to find one with powers, this gorgeous purple pendant is an essential piece for your shadowhunter wardrobe. Here are some great options for finding your own Clary inspired necklace.

clary pendant 5 (Geometric Amethyst Pendant, $45.46, Etsy)

Clary pendant 1 (Wire Wrapped Amethyst Stone Point Pendant, $12.00, Goddess Isis Books and Gifts)

clary pendant 4 (Amethyst cabochon sterling silver wire wrapped pendant, $45.00, Etsy)

Clary pendant 3 (Dee Berkley Amethyst and Drusy Crystal Necklace,$52.00, Zappos)

clary pendant 6  (Amethyst Crystal Pendant, $65.00, Etsy)

Clary pendant 2 (Infinity Circle Crystal Quartz Amethyst Pendant Silver Necklace, $29.99, Open Sky)