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Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-Five: Alec Lightwood and Jace Herondale from “The Mortal Instruments” and “Shadowhunters”

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If Will and Jem were the original parabatai, then Alec Lightwood and Jace Herondale for The Mortal Instruments and Shadowhunters redefined it. Though both competent skilled fighters, they were as different as night and day. Wild and rebellious, Jace had a habit of leaping before looking. He took unnecessary risks, talked a big game, and often found himself caught in a knot of trouble of his own doing. Serious and responsible, Alec, on the other hand, lived and died by the rulebook. He felt immense pressure to be the perfect son and warrior, causing him to lock away his true self in order to fill the role he needed to play. While they may have seemed like an odd pairing, their differences made them a killer team. Jace needed Alec to reel him in when he got caught up in a plan that was going off the rails, and Alec needed Jace to give him the (sometimes unwanted) push he needed to take few risks now and then. Like every parabatai pair before them, they fought as one, moved as one, and lived as one. They trusted each other completely, and they always believed the best in each other, even when others questioned their motives. They rose together, and they fell together. When one was weak, the other was his strength. When one was lost, the other helped him find his way. In a world where no one could be fully trusted, Alec and Jace had a bond that was truly unbreakable.


Fictional Guy February Day Eighteen: Gabriel from “Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List”


Never has a minor character caught my eye and made me swoon during a movie like Gabriel in Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. Sure, he doesn’t have a lot to do with the actual plot of the film. (He’s not even the guy that eventually comes between Naomi and Ely. He’s not even the wise Yoda who convinces one half of the BFF duo to patch things up.) In fact, he spends most of the film in the background. Yet, there is just so much to love about this adorable doorman. Everything about him oozes cool. He’s witty, plays in s band, and looks really good with a pair of DJ headphones around his neck or playing basketball without a shirt. Sarcastic with a hidden sweet side, he is the guy that will make you old-school mixtapes, put up with your library of pop music, and patch up any cut with the building’s first aid kit. He is also pretty awesome at securing the utility closet for impromptu make out sessions. Is it any surprise Gabriel made the no kiss list? (Although, I think he belongs on the must kiss list.)

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Fictional Guy February Day Twelve: Alec Lightwood from “Shadowhunters”


Bad boy Jace Wayland and nerdy Simon Lewis may get all the attention on Shadowhunters, but under-the-radar Alec Lightwood seriously deserves a little love too. After all, without Alec, everything would probably implode on itself. Smart, serious, and a lot stubborn, he’s earned a reputation of being a stick-in-the-mud, a squad mom of sorts. Seriously, though, who could blame him? As the leader of the Institute, he is the one stuck being responsible for everyone when a member of the team causes trouble by acting impulsively and jumping into situations without thinking things through. It is on him to make sure all missions go smoothly and that everyone gets home in one piece. Because of this, Alec keeps a tight lid on his emotions in public, leading many to view him as frigid and uncaring. However, what most don’t realize is that Alec is the way he is because he cares so fiercely. Alec would lay down his own life for any member of his team. He is terrified of not measuring up, because he knows that one mistake could cost him his sister, his parabatai, or any of the people he has come to call friends. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, many days he struggles to not collapse under it. Thank goodness he has his boyfriend Magnus to give him a soft place to land when he needs to be taken care of.  The rock of the Shadow World, Alec is the steadfast warrior you want in your corner.

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