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Shadowhunter Style: S1:E3 “Dead Man’s Party”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Jace team up to rescue Simon from the clutches of a clan of vampires while trying to hash out their own personal relationships. Alec questioned his place, Isabelle questioned (and bedded) a fairy downworlder for intel, Clary questioned her feeling for Jace, and Simon was questioned by a pair of vampires hellbent on finding Clary and the Mortal Cup.

From vampire lairs and fairy bedrooms to graveyards and dive bars, the one thing no one need to question was the sultry, badass looks Clary, Isabelle, and vampire leader Camille were rocking in this episode. Perfect for your next night out, here’s how to recreate the best looks of “Dead Man’s Party.”


clary 3 (Image)

In order to rescue her best friend, Clary turned on the charm to lure a vampire into giving Jace his keys in a downworlder dive bar. She proved she’s transforming from girl next door to shadowhunter in both her look and attitude. Unleash your inner shadowhunter by combining your favorite pair of black skinny jeans with a dark colored tank, edgy black booties, and a badass leather jacket. A studded belt and purple crystal necklace take this look from basic to badass.

clary outfit 3


isabelle 3 (Image)

She’s rocked all white and proven she owns black. In this episode, Isabelle turned up the heat in red to seduce her seelie lover Meliorn for intel on the Hotel DuMort. Channel Isabelle’s fiery spirit  by pairing a sexy red body-con dress with black lace-up stilettos. Add some edge with Isabelle’s signature snake bracelet, a long crystal necklace, and brass knuckle clutch.

isabelle outfit 3


d1349ca7f9f41af4ad2213ee2d6066fa (Image)

Sophisticated and seductive, few can resist falling under the enchanting spell of vampire leader Camille. Just ask Simon. All she needs is a little lace and gold. Capture her gothic look by pairing a curve-hugging black lace dress with golden heels for a sexy, modern twist. Long gold earrings and a stylized mix of gold bangles are small finishing touches that make bold statement. Bloody Mary anyone?
camille outfit 3


Hot Topic Unveils an Exclusive “Orphan Black” Collection and It’s Awesome!

Hot Topic Orphan Black (Image)

Hot Topic has had a lot of film-based fashion collections in recent years, but I think their latest one inspired by the hit sci-fi television show Orphan Black may be their best one to date. I’ll be honest. I don’t know much about Orphan Black other than it airs on BBC and centers around clones. (I have been meaning to check it out though.) However, I’m obsessing about this collection. Inspired by the styles of main characters Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena, this collection is a cool blend of edge and feminine polish with items that can be dressed up or dressed down. Each piece is crafted to represent a character’s unique look, yet all the pieces can easily mixed-and-matched. For example, Sarah’s motorcycle jacket would go great with Helena’s 1970’s inspired white dress, while Alison’s gun trimmed cardigan could be worn over Cosima’s red dress. Most of all, I think what really sets this collection apart from the others Hot Topic has done in the past is that all the items could be realistically worn every day. While previous collections featured primarily gothic and steampunk pieces with heavy themed detailing that felt more like costumes, the Orphan Black collection utilizes on subtle embellishments of helixes and Sestras on classically cut pieces that can be worn to the office or on a night on the town.

The Orphan Black fashion collection is currently available for preorder now on Hot Topic’s website with an an official release date of April 13. Check out how Hot Topic styled the looks of Sarah, Alison, Cosima and Helena below.

Hot Topic Orphan Black Sarah(Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Alison (Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Cosima (Image)

Hot Topic Orphan Black Helena (Image)

Lethal Looks: Style Inspired by “How to Get Away with Murder”

How To Get Away With Murder (Image)

Whether they’re defending their clients or committing crimes, the ladies of How to Get Away with Murder always know how to look good even while getting their hands dirty. The show’s costume designer Linda Bass is a pro at selecting pieces that not only look stunning on camera, but also show how the characters are struggling to keep their perfectly crafted personas from falling apart. Just take a look a the scene where tough-as-nails Annalise sits at her vanity and methodically removes her wig and all of her makeup to reveal the vulnerability hidden underneath, or how Michaela completely freaks out when she realizes her engagement ring, the physical tie to her future as a senator’s wife, has fallen off her hand. The women of How to Get Away with Murder wear their wardrobes like warpaint and wield their accessories like weapons, and, with all of the revelations in the season finale, I’m excited to see how the show uses style to reflect the ebb and flow of character development in the upcoming season.

So for my fellow How to Get Away with Murder fans, here are five looks inspired our five favorite complex leading ladies.

1. Michaela Pratt

Type-A to the extreme and wound way too tight, any little threat to Michaela’s perfectly crafted future is enough to send her into an emotional tailspin. Taking cues from women like Jackie O., she’s meticulously honed her image as the future senator’s wife with classically tailored dresses in bold colors paired with neutral cardigans and blazers and simple, feminine accessories.

Michaela Pratt Style 2. Laurel Castillo

Laurel is that quiet girl in the back who flies under your radar until she solves the puzzle faster than everyone else in the room. Her mix of Ralph Lauren prep and tomboy chic is just classic enough to to blend in with her fellow law school classmates, but, with a couple subtly funky accessories to remind you she’s got a little edge working underneath.

Laurel Castillo Style 3. Annalise Keating

The first rule of How to Get Away with Murder: Do not cross Annalise. She can be your saving grace or your worst enemy, and, if you’re facing hard time, you definitely want her on your side. Sleek, sharp and sophisticated, she commands the courtroom in her perfectly tailored peplum tops, pencil skirts and dresses that she punches up with metallic jewelry and subtle pops of rich hues like oxblood.

Annalise Keating Style 4. Bonnie Winterbottom

Desperate to be part of the inner circle, Bonnie is forever trying to gain Annalise’s approval, but seems to fall short every time. While While she’s got a few secrets of her own, she maintains her mousy exterior with pastels and pearls.

Bonnie Winterbottom Style 5. Rebecca Sutter

The bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Rebecca’s rap sheet includes being accused of murder, dabbling in drugs and helping to cover up a crime scene. With a combination of ripped jeans, leather jackets, and studded jewelry, her look is as dangerous as her attitude.

Rebecca Sutter Style