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Shadowhunter Style: S1:E10 “This World Inverted”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On this week’s Shadowhunters, Clary jumped through a seelie portal in order to find Valentine, and she ended up in alternate universe where shadowhunters didn’t exist, Izzy was a nerd, Alec was cool, and Jace was a barista. Meanwhile, in the real world, Izzy was arrested for treason, driving Alec to take some seriously dangerous risks in order to save her.

The alternate reality concept allows the show’s wardrobe department to really play with characters’ outfits in this episode.They utilize pops of color, soft fabrics and flawy cuts to create a world that sharply contrasts with all the leather, skintight pieces, and heavy dark colors we’ve come to expect from Shadowhunters. The result is a reimagining of our favorite characters and

Here are the must-have looks you need to have in your closet from this week’s episode.


clary s1:10 (Image)

Look 1

Desperate to do follow any lead that will help her locate Valentine, Clary leaps head first into a portal taking on her very first solo mission as a shadowhunter. She’s ready to get down to business in outfit that won’t slow her down. Get her take on the shadowhunter uniform by pairing a v-neck tee in a rich oxblood with a pair of black skinny jeans and a sexy leather jacket. Complete your look with some studded black booties, a purple crystal necklace, a studded leather wrap bracelet, and a practical yet stylish messenger bag.

Look 2

When Clary lands on the other side of the portal, she’s transported into a world where her parents are together, Jace is her steady boyfriend, and demons no longer pose a threat to humanity. She also gets back a version of her pre-shadowhunter closet. Get this little throwback to Clary’s past life by pairing a flowy striped tank with grey jeans and distressed grey booties. Finish it off with a collection of multicolored bangles and a purple crystal necklace.

Look 3

While in the portal-verse, Clary’s mission gets a little sidetracked when she’s thrust into an over-the-top Alice in Wonderland themed gala planned by alternate universe Alec. With Jace on her arm, she steps out in style that’s more her old self than her current one. To get her party look, pair a vintage-inspired dressing a pretty purple with a pair of lacy black embellished pumps. A purple crystal pendant, a set of thin gold bangles, and a collection of dainty gold rings add the final touch to this simply sweet look.

clary outfits s1:e10


izzy s1:e10 (Image)

Look 1

Isabelle may be a prisoner of the Clave, but that doesn’t mean our girl is going down without a fight or looking like a hot mess. She’s still looking fierce despite being confined. Recreate Izzy too-cool-to-care look by combining a sexy black peplum top with black skinny jeans and knee-high black heeled boots. A geometric cocktail ring adds some edge. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without her signature snake bracelet and ruby red crystal pendant.

Look 2

When Clary meets alternate universe Izzy, she barely recognizes her. Not that you can blame her. Unlike the sexy and confident girl in the real world, this version of Izzy is just your regular laid-back shy girl who wears glasses and shares earbuds with her boyfriend. Get her geek-chic style by pairing a some basic blue jeans and a graphic tee, like the Star Wars one she wore in the episode, with a pair of brown lace-up boots. Finish your look with an assortment of string and wrap bracelets on your arm and a flannel shirt tied around your waist.

Look 3

Izzy is always the life of the party, but, in portal world, her usual party look gets a major overhaul. She’s traded in her usual something black and leather that shows more skin than it covers something soft and sweet. Get her portal party look with an classically cut embellished dress in a beautiful blue hue. A pair of glittery silver heels and a rhinestone studded headband add some sparkle while simple silver bangles and chandelier earrings with a hint of blue tie everything together.

izzy outfits s1:e10


Shadowhunter Style: S1:E3 “Dead Man’s Party”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Jace team up to rescue Simon from the clutches of a clan of vampires while trying to hash out their own personal relationships. Alec questioned his place, Isabelle questioned (and bedded) a fairy downworlder for intel, Clary questioned her feeling for Jace, and Simon was questioned by a pair of vampires hellbent on finding Clary and the Mortal Cup.

From vampire lairs and fairy bedrooms to graveyards and dive bars, the one thing no one need to question was the sultry, badass looks Clary, Isabelle, and vampire leader Camille were rocking in this episode. Perfect for your next night out, here’s how to recreate the best looks of “Dead Man’s Party.”


clary 3 (Image)

In order to rescue her best friend, Clary turned on the charm to lure a vampire into giving Jace his keys in a downworlder dive bar. She proved she’s transforming from girl next door to shadowhunter in both her look and attitude. Unleash your inner shadowhunter by combining your favorite pair of black skinny jeans with a dark colored tank, edgy black booties, and a badass leather jacket. A studded belt and purple crystal necklace take this look from basic to badass.

clary outfit 3


isabelle 3 (Image)

She’s rocked all white and proven she owns black. In this episode, Isabelle turned up the heat in red to seduce her seelie lover Meliorn for intel on the Hotel DuMort. Channel Isabelle’s fiery spirit  by pairing a sexy red body-con dress with black lace-up stilettos. Add some edge with Isabelle’s signature snake bracelet, a long crystal necklace, and brass knuckle clutch.

isabelle outfit 3


d1349ca7f9f41af4ad2213ee2d6066fa (Image)

Sophisticated and seductive, few can resist falling under the enchanting spell of vampire leader Camille. Just ask Simon. All she needs is a little lace and gold. Capture her gothic look by pairing a curve-hugging black lace dress with golden heels for a sexy, modern twist. Long gold earrings and a stylized mix of gold bangles are small finishing touches that make bold statement. Bloody Mary anyone?
camille outfit 3

Style Worth Stealing: 5 Looks Inspired by TNT’s Leverage

(Image: IMDB)

They rob from the rich and give to the poor. When you’ve been wronged, the team that makes it right. They always get their man. Oh, did we mention they’re criminals?

Television’s favorite band of Robin Hoods is back! Leverage premiered its fifth season this week on TNT and the team’s never looked better. They actually looked so good that we decided to take a page out of their book and swipe a few of their style secrets.

Here’s five looks inspired by the cast of Leverage. Just click on the link below each image for full product information and be sure to check out Leverage every Sunday at 8/7c only on TNT.

1. Sophie: The Grifter

Beautiful, brilliant and poised, Sophie loves style and beauty almost as much as she loves pulling one over on a mark. She’s can be a little over the top and loves to make a statement when she steps onto the scene. Stand out like Sophie with a sparkly dress, tailored leather jacket and heeled booties. Finish off with with some simple accessories to keep from overpowering your look.

(Image: Polyvore)

2. Parker: The Thief

A puzzle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, Parker will keep you on your toes as she steals your wallet. Stick with fitted, well-cut basics and add in unexpected pops of color a la Parker like a red messenger bag and sneakers. Top it off with some french fry lip balm. (Totally Parker!)

 (Image: Polyvore)

3. Eliot: The Hitter

Eliot may be the tough-as-nails muscle, but, underneath that tough exterior, he’s just a down home guy. Tap into Eliot’s rough-and-tumble-meets-cowboy vibe with ripped boot-cut jeans and a fitted flannel shirt. Add some feminine touches with a lace tank, heeled boots and a braided cuff.

(Image: Polyvore)

4. Hardison: The Hacker

With a quick wit and a computer system that would make any high-tech company jealous, Hardison is the one who provides everything needed to make a con look legit. Hack into his style code by pairing a cropped army jacket with a bright logo tee-the Crush one below pays homage to his love of orange soda-and jeans. Finish off with a bright, trendy watch and a scarf like he often wears on the show.

(Image: Polyvore)

5. Nate: The Brains

Every good scheme needs a great plan, and, when it comes to plans, Nate is the go-to-guy. He’s slick, smart and hardly ever seen out of his signature suit. Try our female version with a golden button-down, black pencil skirt and chic vest. Don’t forget the tie!

(Image: Polyvore)