Hannah Baker

“13 Reasons Why” is Making an Impact With $1.99 Nail Polish


From Blair Waldorf’s iconic Upper East Side style on Gossip Girl to the Rory Gilmore’s natural daytime makeup on Gilmore Girls, fashion and beauty are staples of teen dramas, and 13 Reasons Why is no exception. However, it’s not Jessica Davis’ colorful varsity jackets or Courtney Crimson’s collection of headbands that fans are going crazy over. No, it’s a simple little bottle of nail polish. The color is Endless Blue by Sinful Colors to be exact and retails for a mere $1.99.

The bright cobalt color, rocked by producer Selena Gomez and the cast and crew at the show’s premiere, holds a great deal of meaning for the series. Hannah Baker wore the polish on the day she took her life and used it to number the tapes that held the reasons why she killed herself. (The little blue bottle also pops up few times throughout over the course of the show, including in a quiet yet powerful scene with Hannah’s mom.) The color blue may be symbolic choice as it is often associated with sadness and despair, two emotions that radiate among all of the characters.

Fans of 13 Reasons Why have adopted Endless Blue as the fandom’s unofficial color. However, this is ore than just a fashion statement. Taking to social media with hashtags like #BlueForHannah, they are showing off their blue nails as a way to raise awareness about the show and its message. The goal is to stand in solidarity with those struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying like Hannah did. It is one small way the 13 Reasons Why fandom is trying to spread Hannah’s story in the hopes of saving just one life.

Who knew one bottle nail polish had so much power?

 (Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Endless Blue, $1.99, Walmart)


Etsy Finds: 13 Items Perfect for Every “13 Reasons Why” Fan


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is sweeping the nation. Tackling tough subjects like suicide, sexual assault, and abuse, the series pulls back the curtain on high school life, giving gritty look at what it is like to be a teenager in this day and age. Hannah’s cautionary tale is painful for both her and the people she left behind. It drives home the point that suicide is never an option and that we should all strive to think before we act. With the show reaching new heights in popularity, Etsy has exploded with fan-created merchandise that captures the tragic beauty viewers have fallen in love with.

Here are thirteen Etsy finds inspired by 13 Reasons Why.

1. Jeff Atkins Deserved Better Mug

All Jeff wanted to do was get his grades up to play baseball and to help Clay get the girl. Honor his young life with this pretty mug.

 (Jeff Atkins Deserved Better Mug, $25.00, girlwitch)

2. Tape 13 Cassette Necklace

Complete with blue nail polish 13, this pretty little necklace is essential for any fan of the series.

 (13 Reasons Why Cassette Necklace, $7.88, NectarFromHeaven)

3. Squad Tee

This tee is for the most complicated squad Liberty High has ever seen.

 (13 Reasons Why Squad Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

4. 13 Reasons Why Poster

Colorful and little triply, this poster is a cool piece of art any fan would be proud to hang on her wall.

 (13 Reasons Why Print, $20.30, Velvetmusketeer)

5. Story of My Life Journal

Your thoughts deserve beautiful place to live. This journal is that perfect place.

 (13 Reasons Why Inspired Journal, $5.00, Memeories)

6. Monet’s Cafe Tee

Because we all wanted to hang out with Sky, Alex, Clay, and the rest of the crew at the coolest coffee shop in Crestmont. #FMLForever

 (Monet’s Cafe Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

7. Everything Matters Necklace

Everything affects everything. This necklace is the perfect reminder that every little thing you do matters.

 (Everything Matters Necklace, $9.37, lovedoesdesigns)

8. Justice for Hannah Tee

Hannah Baker deserved better. This tee says it all.

 (Justice for Hannah Tee, $18.00, Limboea)

9. FML Forever BFF Necklace Set

Got a best friend who has stood by you in during your darkest hour? Celebrate your friendship with this FML necklace set.

 (FML Forever BFF Necklace Set, $14.71, beckyslittleshop)

10. Liberty High Tigers Hoodie

Show your Liberty High pride with one of these hoodies frequently sported by troubled bad boy Justin Foley and the rest of the team.

 (Liberty Tigers Hoodie, $28.13, Frayel)

11. Crestmont Movie Theater Tee

Love stories weren’t only unfolding on screen at the Crestmont. Hannah and Clay’s played out behind the snack counter. Show your love for this tragic ship with this tee.

 (Crestmont Movie Theater Tee, $24.24, Velvetmusketeer)

12. Warr;or Bracelet

Every day you get up, you are choosing to fight. Inspired by Project Semicolon, wear this bracelet to remind yourself that you are a warrior.

 (Warrior Semicolon Project Bracelet, $19.99, wishingwillowmetal)

13. My Story Isn’t Over Yet Sign

Your story is not over. Don’t end it. With 50% of proceeds going to Project Semicolon, this sign inspires and gives back.

 (My Story Isn’t Over Yet Project Semicolon Sign, $10.00, LotusandLilies)

Shipping Saturday: Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen of “13 Reasons Why”


Some ships are epic love stories that span seasons. Some are shorter or never even come to fruition. Then, there are the tragic ships. Whether one party is dead or we were told from the start things take a sour turn, these are the ships we know are going to end badly from the get-go. Yet, as we watch them unfold, we can’t help but root for the happy ending we know is never going to come.

Take Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why for example. (Actually, this could be applied to pretty much every ship on the show.)

Even though we learn Hannah took her own life in the first minutes of the pilot episode, it is nearly impossible to not want her to end up with her crush Clay as he listens to the cassette tapes she left behind. It is clear from every flashback that these two both felt the exact same way about each other. They share inside jokes and the same sarcastic sense humor, give each other silly nicknames, and spend countless hours together at their movie theater jobs. Yet, neither one is ever fully able to put their feelings on the line. Clay feels like Hannah is way out of his league, and Hannah, traumatized from past experiences, is terrified to even let a good guy like Clay anywhere near her heart. They both continue to pine away completely unaware of the other’s true feelings until the night puts Hannah on a full downward spiral, sealing her fate.

As his listens and relives his almost night with her, he is overcome with an unbearable sense of guilt, knowing that he may have been able to help Hannah if he hadn’t let her push him out the door. With each tape, he becomes more and more determined to get justice for her. He refuses to let her death be in vain, and he takes it upon himself to right the wrongs she wasn’t strong enough to right herself. While the rest of the people want to do whatever it takes to discredit her, Clay fights for Hannah’s story to be heard. His final act of love is simply believing her. Even in her death, these two star-crossed lovers remain forever intertwined.

Sure, Clay and Hannah may not get their happy ending, but is that any reason not to feel the feels?