Boy Meets Etsy: The Best Etsy Finds for the Ultimate “Boy Meets World” Fan

Boy Meets World cast (Image)

Is there any sitcom more beloved to a 1990s kid than Boy Meets World? I don’t think so.

From 1993 to 2000, we loved, laughed and learned with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric and Mr. Feeny as they tackled trials and tribulations of growing up. As the embarked on relationships, chased dreams and over came obstacles, we learned there is no one wiser than Mr. Feeny, Cory and Topanga were always meant to be, and life would be nothing without the love of family and friends. The show continues to remain popular in syndication and has maintained a devoted fan base. (I, for one fully admit to binge-watching the series from time to time.) Most recently, the Disney Channel rebooted the franchise with its new show Girl Meets World, which follows the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley, opening a whole new generation to discover Boy Meets World.

For Boy Meets World fans old and new, here are some great Etsy finds that pay homage to one of television’s best sitcoms.

1. I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt

Because you never really got over your crush on Shawn Hunter.

Shawn hunter T-Shirt (I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt, $16.98, ManBearWear)

2. Dream. Try. Do Good. Bangle

Wear the most iconic advice we received from Mr. Feeny in the show’s series finale to remind yourself of what’s really important.

Boy Meets World bangle(Do Good Bracelet, $12.00, StampAmour)

3. Mr. Feeny T-Shirt

Is there anything about life the world didn’t learn from the greatest television teacher of all time?

Mr. Feeny T-Shirt (Everything I Need to Know in Life Was Taught To Me By Mr. Feeny T-Shirt, $14.99, MyPartyShirt)

4. Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings

Pay homage the greatest love story-of the 1990s-ever told with these adorable earrings.

Cory and Topanga earrings (Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings, $7.00, thelordoftheearrings)

5. Boy Meets World Sneakers

These colorful sneakers are the ultimate fan footwear.

Boy Meets World Sneakers     (Favorite TV Show or Movie Design Shoes, $36.00, FlapjacksandFlannel)

6. You’re My Cory and You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set

Because finding your own Cory or Topanga is something worth celebrating every single day.

Cory and Topanga mugs (You’re My Cory You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set, $20.00, TulaTinkers)


Sick Sad Etsy: The Best Creations Inspired by MTV’s Daria

Daria and Jane


Is there really any other MTV show that has a remained as beloved as the cartoon cult classic Daria? Years after its cancellation, both regular folks and celebs alike continue to be fascinated by Daria’s darkly humorous observations on life, her bond with her best friend Jane, and her crazy classmates and family. Pop star Katy Perry gave her nails a Daria-themed mani and spent on recent Halloween she and her best friend dressed up as Daria and Jane. Most recently, SheFinds.com referenced the series in their article 25 Things That Would Make a 25-Year-Old’s Day. With all this Daria love, I decided to swing by Etsy and see what kinds of creations were designed based on this iconic 1990s show, and, as usual, the vendors did not disappoint.

So here are the five standout pieces inspired by MTV’s Daria. (I’m pretty sure Daria would approve.)

1. The Daria and Jane Best Friend Necklaces

What better way to express how much you love your best friend than to tell her she’s the Jane to your Daria?

Daria BFF necklaces

(Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane Set of 2 Heart Cameo Pendent Necklaces, $23.80, Blingstopaythebills)

2. The Mystik Spiral Pocket Scarf

Admit it- you had a crush on Mystik Spiral frontman Trent Lane too. (Hey, he was the voice of a generation…in fictional Lawndale.)

Mystik Spiral Scarf

(Trent Lane Mystic Spiral Pocket Scarf, $41.86, SpidersParlour)

3. Daria- The Greeting Card

Finally, a greeting card that expresses what you’re really thinking.

Daria Card

(The Daria “That’s Nice” Greeting Card, $5.00, StevieProjects)

4. Daria-The Nail Polish Collection

These colors are Fashion Club-approved.

(Colors in order of appearance below: Ow! Those Paintball Thingys Hurt, The Fashion Club, Go Lions!, Lawndale High, Mystik Spiral, Sick, Sad World, and A Herd of Beautiful Wild Ponies Running Free Across the Plains.)

Daria nail polish

(The Complete Daria Collection Nail Polish, $58.50, DaphinePolish)

5. St. Daria and St. Jane Candle Set

These are simply one of the most awesome creations ever.

daria candles

(Saint Daria and Jane Candles Gift Set, $19.00, HolyPopCulture)