Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-Two: Logan Huntzberger, Colin, and Finn from “Gilmore Girls”

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Gilmore Girls was a show with s bunch of BroTPs, but one of my favorites was between Logan Huntzberger and his Life and Death Brigade besties Colin and Finn. Children of some of the wealthiest families in the country, this trio was better known for hitting the party circuit than hitting the books during their time in the hallowed halls of Yale. They liked their booze, girls, and throwing around their parents money. As members of the Life and Death Brigade, they traveled the world, taking part in crazy stunts like cliff diving and sinking yachts off exotic coasts. There were lavish parties, backroom poker games, and Finn’s reenactment of the Passion of the Christ. Their bad behavior landed them in hot water a time or ten, earning them a reputation for being just another bunch of entitled slackers. However, the one thing they did take seriously was their loyalty to each other. For Logan, who was estranged from his parents, Colin and Finn were more than friends. They were his family. They bailed him out of jail more than a few times and stayed with him when he was seriously injured in a stunt-gone-wrong in Costa Rica. They embraced his relationship with Rory Gilmore, welcoming her as part of their intimate circle. Even though Logan’s main purpose was to be Rory’s boyfriend, I kind of wish the series would have had a few scenes between just Logan, Colin, and Finn. There was something special there and I wish we could have explored it with a bit more depth.


Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty-One: Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim from “Gilmore Girls”

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There are friends you make for a season and then there are the friends you make for a lifetime. Best friends Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls definitely fall in the latter category. They were an inseparable pair from the moment they met as little kids, sharing a love of music, junk food, and pop culture. Even though Rory transferred to Chilton Academy and Lane stayed at Stars Hollow High, they maintained a tight bond. From mama drama to breakups and bad dye jobs, they knew they could count on each other no matter what. Rory supported Lane’s budding music career as the OG Hep Alien fan, and stood by her when she got married and had kids. Her house provided Lane with a reprieve from super strict religious mother, allowing her the be a normal teen  even if only for a few hours. She even made Rory the head of the Lane Kim Rescue Team when her parents shipped her off to Korea for s summer. In turn, Lane was a shoulder for Rory to lean on when she fought with her mother, had her heartbroken, and when she had s hard time fitting in at her new school. When her world was spinning, Lane was a grounding force. They may have taken different paths in life, but Rory and Lane knew no matter where those paths led they would always be there for each other.

Favorite Fictional Friends Day Twenty: Babette and Miss Patty from “Gilmore Girls”

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Every Gilmore Girls fan wanted to go to Stars Hollow and hang out with Babette and Miss Patty. These two were the O.G. tea spillers as the keepers of all the juiciest gossip and hot happenings of Stars Hollow. If there was something going on, these ladies were the first ones in the know and willing to share the news with anyone and everyone walking by. They provided the running witty commentary at town meetings, festivals, their table at Luke’s Diner, and street corners. However, Babette and Miss Patty weren’t just all about the gossip. Whenever there was a town crisis, they were the first ones to jump in and help out, whether it was fielding phone calls when the Independence Inn caught fire or Lorelai needed guests for her mother’s bachelorette party. They knew how to lighten the mood and it everyone with one witty remark. Let’s face it. Stars Hollow wouldn’t be Stars Hollow without them.