Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Fictional Guy February Day One: Logan Huntzberger from “Gilmore Girls”


When I thought about the perfect guy to take the introductory spot on this list, only one guy came to mind: Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls. The most controversial of the Gilmore guys, Rory’s college boyfriend tends to take a lot of heat from fans for his playboy lifestyle. With a wink and an smile, he seemed to charm his way through life, floating through his days at Yale, throwing daddy’s money around, and seeing how much trouble he can cause without getting arrested. He was also the guy Rory was with when she stole a boat and dropped out of Yale. However, there was much more to Logan than met the eye. Underneath the Porsche, Armani, and Life and Death Brigade antics, there was a guy with a really big heart. Yes, he had his flaws, but he was also super supportive old-school romantic and would do anything for the people he cared about, especially Rory. He loaned her his limo when she needed to get home, flew across oceans to see her when he was living in London, and went to the mat with a publisher so she could get the Yale Daily News out on time. (Okay, he did request a foot massage for that last one, but you get the idea.) Throughout their relationship, Logan strove to be the man Rory deserved and really grew up from a party boy to a man who could stand on his own. Logan was never a perfect person, but I really think he became perfect for her.

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Etsy Finds: All About Logan from “Gilmore Girls”

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Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

In honor of today’s holiday, your favorite single blogger has curated an Etsy Finds list dedicated to one of the greatest fictional guys out there: Logan Huntzberger of Gilmore Girls. A little sweet and a little wild with a bank account that would make Bill Gates jealous, Logan is one of those guys who always keeps you guessing. He was a mess going nowhere fast until Rory Gilmore crossed his path and made him want to settle down. He’s far from perfect, but what he lacks in always getting it right he makes up for it with heart made of pure gold. He makes the perfect binge-worthy boyfriend to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day. Then again, who doesn’t love Rory’s college years and her love affair with her one and only Logan? (Okay, maybe it’s just me.)

So spoil yourself today with one or all of these Logan-inspired gifts that even Prince Huntzberger would approve of.

1. Team Logan Tee

This adorable tee is the perfect way to show which guy you think should have won Rory’s heart.

team logan tee (Team Logan Women’s V Neck Tee, $17.95, smallvictorydesign)

2. Logan’s Kiss Lip Balm

Who didn’t want to be kissed by Logan? This yummy lip balm is the next best thing to getting your own personal smooch from your favorite Yale bad boy.

Logan kiss lip balm (Logan’s Kiss Lip Balm, $4.00, TheCandleCrate)

3. Future Mrs. Huntzberger Mug

Let everyone know what your #relationshipgoals are as you sip the fuel of a Gilmore.

mrs huntzberger mug (Future Mrs. Huntzberger Mug, $25.00, PickMeCups)

4. Logan’s Life and Death Brigade Quote Bookmark

This bookmark combines Logan’s love for life with Rory’s love of reading. It’s the perfect item for any fan of Rory and Logan’s relationship.

logan bookmark (Team Logan Bookmark, $3.50, geekyyogidesigns)

5. Logan Card

Brighten someone’s day (or your own) with his very handsome card.

logan card (Logan Card, $4.00, hollygolightning)

6. Cereal and Ice Cream Quote Bracelet

Logan was full of serious wisdom, and this bracelet has one of his most inspirational mantras.

cereal and ice cream quote bracelet (Cereal and Ice Cream Gilmore Girls Bracelet, $25.00, morbidxtasy)

7. Logan’s Loft Candle

This masculinely scented candle will transport you to the one place we all wanted to go: Logan’s loft.

logan's loft candle(Logan’s Loft 8 oz. Candle, $12.00, TheCandleCrate)

8. In Omnia Paratus Necklace

You’ll totally feel like a member of the ready for anything Life and Death Brigade with this pretty pendant.

in omnia paratus necklace (In Omnia Paratus Necklace, $16.00, EmilinaBallerina)

9. Customizable Button Bracelet

From your favorite quote to memorable images, there are endless options for creating the perfect Logan bracelet.

gilmore girl button bracelet (Gilmore Girls Button Bracelet, starting at $10.00, shopkreativestudios)

10. All I Want for Christmas is Logan Huntzberger Wine Glass

It’s never to early to start dropping hints for what you want under the Christmas tree.

logan huntzberger wine glass (All I Want for Christmas is Logan Wine Glass, $20.00, PickMeCups)

Shipping Saturday: My Favorite Moments of 2016

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2016 has been a crazy year. We survived the presidential election, mourned the loss of too many influential figures, and even weathered another Starbucks cup controversy. Thankfully, while the world turned itself upside down, we always knew we could take comfort in our favorite ships. From new relationships and first kisses to some major milestones for our old favorites, we couldn’t help but feel the love. We rooted for our favorites, cried when things fell apart, and just felt all the feels.

Here are some of my favorite shipping moments of 2016. Warning: Serious feel-inducing clips ahead. (Be sure to share your favorite moments in the comments below!)

Jamie and Eddie’s confession on Blue Bloods

If I could only choose one moment from 2016 to watch on repeat after the clock strikes midnight, it would be Jamie and Eddie’s revelation that they both have feelings for each other on Blue Bloods. Having rooted for this couple for last few seasons and watching them continuously try to deny the spark between them, it was the payoff fans had been so desperately waiting for. Sure, Jamie and Eddie decided to table the issue for now in favor of remaining partners on their beat cop route, but it definitely gives me hope that love is on the horizon for these two.

Magnus and Alec’s first kiss on Shadowhunters

Okay, every single moment between Magnus and Alec on Shadowhunters could have ended up on this list. However, if I have to choose, there is no moment more iconic than their very public first kiss. Just when it seemed like Alec was going to go through with marrying a woman in order to restore his family’s standing, Magnus burst in to stop the wedding. One look was all it took, and Alec’s lips were firmly planted on Magnus’. Not only did it solidify their relationship, it was also a big moment for Alec, who had been unable to cope with his sexuality until that point. With season two set to begin this week, 2017 looks like it’s going to be the year of Malec.

Caleb and Hanna’s steamy hookup on Pretty Little Liars

After falling off the bandwagon for a little while, I credit this steamy Pretty Little Liars hookup for getting me back on Team Haleb. After Hanna risks her life chasing a lead, Caleb realizes she’s the only Liar he wants in his life. The confess their feelings, kiss, and make love in front of a roaring fire. However, it’s the little nuances like the way he caresses her scars before unhooking her bra and her calling him an ass after he says he wants her that truly makes this moment one of their most memorable. With the show ending this year, I think it’s safe to say that Haleb is going to be endgame.

Rory and Dean’s chance meaning on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

No matter which one of Rory’s boyfriends stole your heart, the Gilmore Girls revival gave every ship a little something. Even though Logan is my personal favorite, I have to give Rory’s reunion with her first love Dean the spot on this list. It was quiet, simple, and sweet in way that made it extremely moving and powerful. You could feel how much they still loved each other even though they were no longer in love with each other. From being in Doose’s Market to the cornstarch callback, this was the perfect way to tie up their ending in a pretty little bow.

Emma and Hook’s reunion on Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time really put Captain Swan through the ringer during the second half of season five. Not only did they have to deal with the fallout of Emma going dark side and planning a great escape from the Underworld, Emma had to grieve the loss of Hook not once but twice. Hook chose to stay behind in the Underworld in order to prevent himself from becoming Emma’s unfinished business. However, thanks to some divine intervention courtesy of god Zeus, their separation was short-lived. Tinged with the sadness of the loss of one of their own, their graveside reunion is proof that love truly can conquer all.

The 10th anniversary of Friday Night Lights

Technically, Friday Night Lights turning ten years old in 2016 isn’t exactly a shipping moment. However, having just discovered this iconic show this year, I personally feel all of the ships on this show deserve a moment to be celebrated. From steamy triangles and angsty OTPs to unshakeable BroTPs and the relationship goals of Tami and Coach Taylor, the ships of FNL continue to stand the test of time. They are real, relatable, and exude heart. Happy anniversary FNL. Thank you for ten years of feels.

My discovery of the Shipping Room Podcast

Soulmates and podcasts? Tamar and Christine totally ship that on their weekly podcast the Shipping Room Podcast. I credit my discovery of their show this year as the catalyst for starting this column (and stating my love affair with Friday Night Lights). Each week, these ladies breakdown their favorite ships, tropes, and shows from the past and present in a seriously thought-provoking way. They celebrate being a shipper no matter who you support, and they provide a haven for shippers struggling to find a community to call their own. Keep up the good work, ladies! (Check out their podcast here.)


See you all in 2017!

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