Forever Incomplete #2.75

Clone Club Unite: The Best Etsy Finds Inspired By “Orphan Black”

orphan black poster (Image)

In honor of the season three premiere this weekend on BBC America, I decided to peruse Etsy to find the best Orphan Black inspired the website has to offer, and, I have to say, their selection is pretty awesome. No matter what clone you identify with, here are some of my favorite finds that let you show off your Clone Club pride.

1. Clone Club Necklace

Show everyone whose side you’re one.

clone club necklace (Clone Club Necklace, $24.00, ThePaperPoppyStore)

2. Character Inspired Lipgloss

Get that perfectly styled clone look with a flavored lipgloss made in honor of your favorite Orphan Black character. The selection includes flavors inspired by Sarah (pomegranate and rum), Alison (chocolate cheesecake), Helena (melon and anise), Cosima (passion fruit and lemon), and Felix (rum and cola).

Orphan Black Sarah Lipgloss (Orphan Black Lipgloss in Sarah, $2.50, MerchantofGallifrey)

3. Seestra Bracelet

Even Felix would approve of this beautiful bracelet stamped with Helena’s term of endearment for her fellow clones.

Seestra bracelet (Brass Seestra Bracelet, $24.99, HoboSwag)

4. Forever Incomplete Orphan Black Fanfic Challenge Issue

Get your Orphan Black in between seasons with collection of 24 fanfiction stories.

Orphan Black Fanfic Issue (Forever Incomplete #2.75, $2.26, ForeverIncomplete)

5. Cosima/Delphine “I Just Want to Make Crazy Science with You” Bracelet

We all want someone we can make crazy science with.

Make Crazy Science Bracelet (Orphan Black Crazy Science Bracelet, $16.99, chasingatstarlight)

6. Dylan Bruce Signed Pilot Script

Who wouldn’t want an authentic copy of the pilot signed by the sexy guy who plays bad boy Paul? This is the ultimate gift for the ultimate Orphan Black fan.

Dylan Bruce signed script (Dylan Bruce Signed ‘Orphan Black’ Script, $124.99, AuthenticInkGraphs)