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Etsy Finds: All About Logan from “Gilmore Girls”

etsy finds logan (Image)

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

In honor of today’s holiday, your favorite single blogger has curated an Etsy Finds list dedicated to one of the greatest fictional guys out there: Logan Huntzberger of Gilmore Girls. A little sweet and a little wild with a bank account that would make Bill Gates jealous, Logan is one of those guys who always keeps you guessing. He was a mess going nowhere fast until Rory Gilmore crossed his path and made him want to settle down. He’s far from perfect, but what he lacks in always getting it right he makes up for it with heart made of pure gold. He makes the perfect binge-worthy boyfriend to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day. Then again, who doesn’t love Rory’s college years and her love affair with her one and only Logan? (Okay, maybe it’s just me.)

So spoil yourself today with one or all of these Logan-inspired gifts that even Prince Huntzberger would approve of.

1. Team Logan Tee

This adorable tee is the perfect way to show which guy you think should have won Rory’s heart.

team logan tee (Team Logan Women’s V Neck Tee, $17.95, smallvictorydesign)

2. Logan’s Kiss Lip Balm

Who didn’t want to be kissed by Logan? This yummy lip balm is the next best thing to getting your own personal smooch from your favorite Yale bad boy.

Logan kiss lip balm (Logan’s Kiss Lip Balm, $4.00, TheCandleCrate)

3. Future Mrs. Huntzberger Mug

Let everyone know what your #relationshipgoals are as you sip the fuel of a Gilmore.

mrs huntzberger mug (Future Mrs. Huntzberger Mug, $25.00, PickMeCups)

4. Logan’s Life and Death Brigade Quote Bookmark

This bookmark combines Logan’s love for life with Rory’s love of reading. It’s the perfect item for any fan of Rory and Logan’s relationship.

logan bookmark (Team Logan Bookmark, $3.50, geekyyogidesigns)

5. Logan Card

Brighten someone’s day (or your own) with his very handsome card.

logan card (Logan Card, $4.00, hollygolightning)

6. Cereal and Ice Cream Quote Bracelet

Logan was full of serious wisdom, and this bracelet has one of his most inspirational mantras.

cereal and ice cream quote bracelet (Cereal and Ice Cream Gilmore Girls Bracelet, $25.00, morbidxtasy)

7. Logan’s Loft Candle

This masculinely scented candle will transport you to the one place we all wanted to go: Logan’s loft.

logan's loft candle(Logan’s Loft 8 oz. Candle, $12.00, TheCandleCrate)

8. In Omnia Paratus Necklace

You’ll totally feel like a member of the ready for anything Life and Death Brigade with this pretty pendant.

in omnia paratus necklace (In Omnia Paratus Necklace, $16.00, EmilinaBallerina)

9. Customizable Button Bracelet

From your favorite quote to memorable images, there are endless options for creating the perfect Logan bracelet.

gilmore girl button bracelet (Gilmore Girls Button Bracelet, starting at $10.00, shopkreativestudios)

10. All I Want for Christmas is Logan Huntzberger Wine Glass

It’s never to early to start dropping hints for what you want under the Christmas tree.

logan huntzberger wine glass (All I Want for Christmas is Logan Wine Glass, $20.00, PickMeCups)


For the Gleek in All of Us: Etsy Finds Inspired by “Glee”

Glee poster (Image)

For the six seasons it was on, Glee was one of the those that was and continues to be something that is just special. It was the show that made us laugh, put new twists on our favorite songs, and inspired us all to embrace what makes us unique and follow our dreams. The characters became some of our favorite fictional friends. We rooted for Rachel Berry to achieve her Broadway dreams, fell in love with couples of Finnchel, Klaine and Brittana, and cried when Finn Hudson was laid to rest after the untimely death of his portrayer Cory Monteith. Even though it’s off the air now, Glee has definitely earned its place in television history, and it continues to capture the hearts of fans old and new.

Let’s face it: We’re all underdogs at heart.

For all the gleeks out there, here are some unique Glee items Rachel Berry herself wouldn’t even be able to resist.

1. Blaine and Kurt Pillows

Cuddle with your favorite musical couple anytime you want with these adorable pillow people.

Blaine and Kurt pillows (Blaine and Kurt Pillows, $30.00 each, telahmarie)

2. Rachel and Finn Star Necklace

This replica of the necklace Finn gave to Rachel is the perfect way to show your allegiance to this iconic couple and infuse a little Rachel Berry style into your wardrobe.

Rachel and Finn star necklace (Rachel and Finn Shooting Star Necklace, $25.00, Jwhiz)

3. Mckinley High School Letterman Jacket Print

Featuring the title of Glee’s most popular song and the image of the iconic letterman jacket worn by Finn, this print is the perfect way to pay homage to the club’s late quarterback and his portrayer Cory Monteith.

Don't Stop Believin' (Don’t Stop Believin’ Print, $18.00, OperationPumpkin)

4. Quote Stickers

Brighten up any boring day with these funny quote stickers featuring some of our favorite character quotes.

Glee Quote Stickers (Glee Quote Stickers, $3.50, KreativeKeo)

5. Brittany and Santana Bracelet Set

Show the person you consider the Santana to your Brittany (or vice versa) with one of the beautiful bracelets in this set.

Brittany and Santana bracelets  (You’re the Brittany to my Santana & Santana to my Brittany Bracelet set, $31.99, chasingatstarlight)

6. The Lima Bean Mug

Feel like your sipping coffee in style with the glee club at their favorite after school spot.

The Lima Bean mug (The Lima Bean Mug, $7.50, TheLimaUnicorn)

7. Klaine Courage Ring

Wear this ring as a reminder to have a little courage in the face of struggles no matter how big or small.

Klaine Courage ring (Courage – A Hand Stamped Aluminum Ring, $13.99, chasingatstarlight)


Boy Meets Etsy: The Best Etsy Finds for the Ultimate “Boy Meets World” Fan

Boy Meets World cast (Image)

Is there any sitcom more beloved to a 1990s kid than Boy Meets World? I don’t think so.

From 1993 to 2000, we loved, laughed and learned with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric and Mr. Feeny as they tackled trials and tribulations of growing up. As the embarked on relationships, chased dreams and over came obstacles, we learned there is no one wiser than Mr. Feeny, Cory and Topanga were always meant to be, and life would be nothing without the love of family and friends. The show continues to remain popular in syndication and has maintained a devoted fan base. (I, for one fully admit to binge-watching the series from time to time.) Most recently, the Disney Channel rebooted the franchise with its new show Girl Meets World, which follows the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley, opening a whole new generation to discover Boy Meets World.

For Boy Meets World fans old and new, here are some great Etsy finds that pay homage to one of television’s best sitcoms.

1. I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt

Because you never really got over your crush on Shawn Hunter.

Shawn hunter T-Shirt (I Love Shawn Hunter T-Shirt, $16.98, ManBearWear)

2. Dream. Try. Do Good. Bangle

Wear the most iconic advice we received from Mr. Feeny in the show’s series finale to remind yourself of what’s really important.

Boy Meets World bangle(Do Good Bracelet, $12.00, StampAmour)

3. Mr. Feeny T-Shirt

Is there anything about life the world didn’t learn from the greatest television teacher of all time?

Mr. Feeny T-Shirt (Everything I Need to Know in Life Was Taught To Me By Mr. Feeny T-Shirt, $14.99, MyPartyShirt)

4. Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings

Pay homage the greatest love story-of the 1990s-ever told with these adorable earrings.

Cory and Topanga earrings (Cory and Topanga Stud Earrings, $7.00, thelordoftheearrings)

5. Boy Meets World Sneakers

These colorful sneakers are the ultimate fan footwear.

Boy Meets World Sneakers     (Favorite TV Show or Movie Design Shoes, $36.00, FlapjacksandFlannel)

6. You’re My Cory and You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set

Because finding your own Cory or Topanga is something worth celebrating every single day.

Cory and Topanga mugs (You’re My Cory You’re My Topanga Coffee Mug Set, $20.00, TulaTinkers)