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Shipping Saturday: Clary Fray and Simon Lewis of “Shadowhunters”

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Full disclosure: When it comes to Shadowhunters, I am firmly on Team Clace (Clary and Jace) and Team Sizzy (Izzy and Simon). However, it is hard to deny the appeal of the budding romantic tension between best friends Simon Lewis and Clary Fray. Thrust into a hidden world at war, they’ve had to rely on each other just to survive and stay sane as they try navigate their new lives as a shadowhunter and vampire. It’s brought them together on much more intimate level, and, despite having eyes for a couple other shadowhunters, they just may me discovering that there is something much more between them. (Of course, Simon’s seen it all along.)

Here are few reasons why Clary and Simon have serious potential to from BroTP to OTP.

They have history.

They say the best romances are born from friendship, and Clary and Simon have a history that that spans years. Sure, Jace and Izzy may appeal to them sexually, but Clary and Simon have a deeply rooted emotional connection. They have been best friends since they were kids and know each other like they know their own minds. They’ve bee there for Simon’s gigs, Clary’s art school applications, fights with parents They consider each other to be family, Simon has even been unofficially adopted by the Fray clan. Their connection has been proven time and again to be unshakeable no matter what is thrown at them. When Clary’s mom went missing, Simon refused to let her search alone. When Simon was turned into a vampire, Clary made sure his beloved Jewish faith was respected and that he was treated with dignity and respect. They would go to the ends of the earth for each other, and it’s that devotion that just might give them the base they need to grow into something more than just friends.

They are both new to the Shadow World.

Unlike the rest of the crew, neither Simon nor Clary grew up with knowledge of the Shadow World. For eighteen years, they were just regular teens living normal lives. Neither one was prepared to cope with being thrust into a world at war nor were they ready to grapple with extraordinary powers beyond their control. Clary is trying to play catch up and develop her severely lacking skills as a shadowhunter amongst a group of strangers who don’t trust her. Meanwhile, Simon is dealing with being undead and trying to cope with being a vampire in a world where that is looked down upon. They are both clueless to how this new world works, and neither one feels like they belong. It is an internal uncertainty that neither of their would-be romantic partners can truly understand. Thankfully, Simon and Clary can always turn to each other when in doubt, knowing there will only be support free of any judgement.

They ground each other.

In a world where they are struggling to find their footing, both Clary and Simon can take comfort in knowing the other right there beside them. When things start to spiral out of control, they know they can always look to their friendship as a stabilizing force. They know how to get through to each other in a way that no one else can. In moments of doubt, they provide strength. In moments of darkness, they provide light. Simon and Clary constantly remind each other of who they really are no matter how much has changed around them. They joke, they laugh, and they provide each other with a sense of home that they are sorely missing. They get each other’s references and are always quick to remind the other of childhood shenanigans. They know they can’t go back to who they were, but knowing the other is with them eases the pain.

They completely trust each other.

Since entering the Shadow World, both Clary and Simon have had to be on guard with everyone around them. It’s be a constant test of who to let in, who can be trusted, and who can be considered a friend. Even Jace and Izzy have had to prove themselves to this duo. However, Clary and Simon have never had any doubts about whether they can put faith in the other. They have each other’s backs no matter what. If one suggests a crazy plan, the other is right there no questions asked. They believe in each other’s strengths, and they love each other despite their flaws. They never have to question if the other is loyal. Clary and Simon just know they are.

Friends to lovers? If anyone can make it work, it’s these two.

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Shadowhunter Tuesday: How to Seduce a Warlock

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Hey, it worked for Alec.

Shadowhunter Tuesday: The Sneak Peek of “Shadowhunters” Season 2 is Here!

After months of waiting, we finally get a sneak peek of what we can expect next season on Freeform’s Shadowhunters. If you thought last was a wild ride, it looks like things are about to get even crazier. With the Clave at war with Valentine, the hunt for Jace is on, leaving everyone torn between love and obligation. Clary has finally been reunited with her mother, but her mother doesn’t seem too thrilled that her daughter has fully embraced her shadowhunter heritage or her intense connection to Jace. Alec’s also got his own mamma drama with Mayrse threatening to kill his traitorous parabatai and her reluctance to accept his warlock boyfriend. Throw in Simon trying to navigate the vampire world, Magnus trying to break down Alec’s walls, and Izzy being her fierce self, and we’re bound to be in for an emotional roller coaster.

January 2, 2017 can’t come soon enough.