Shadowhunter Style: Isabelle Lightwood’s Snake Bracelet

Shadowhunter Sty;e

Whether she’s fight demons, lounging around the Institute, or flirting with the boys, Isabelle Lightwood of Freeform’s Shadowhunters always looks fierce. She’s perfected the art of putting together sexy and seductive styles with lots of black leather, sky-high heels, bold red lips and impeccably lined eyes. Of course, a girl this fashion forward needs weapons that powerful as well as beautiful like her snake bracelet. Enchanted by angelic runes, this stunning accessory transforms from an intricate silver cuff into a deadly whip that is is every demon’s worst nightmare in battle.

isabelle lightwood snake whip (Image)

Looking to infuse a little shadowhunter style into your wardrobe? Here are some great snake bracelets that Izzy would definitely approve of.

isabelle bracelet 1 (VIPERA Forged Snake Bracelet, $26.78, Etsy)

isabelle snake bracelet 2 (Saachi Snake Bendable Wrap Bracelet, $19.79, Overstock)

isabelle snake 3 (Brass Snake Armlet, $45.00, Etsy)

isabelle snake 4 (Kenneth Jay Lane Silver Snake Coil Bracelet, $119.00, Fruugo)

isabelle snake 5 (Silver Tone Coil Spiral Snake Bracelet, $15.50, Etsy)


For the Gleek in All of Us: Etsy Finds Inspired by “Glee”

Glee poster (Image)

For the six seasons it was on, Glee was one of the those that was and continues to be something that is just special. It was the show that made us laugh, put new twists on our favorite songs, and inspired us all to embrace what makes us unique and follow our dreams. The characters became some of our favorite fictional friends. We rooted for Rachel Berry to achieve her Broadway dreams, fell in love with couples of Finnchel, Klaine and Brittana, and cried when Finn Hudson was laid to rest after the untimely death of his portrayer Cory Monteith. Even though it’s off the air now, Glee has definitely earned its place in television history, and it continues to capture the hearts of fans old and new.

Let’s face it: We’re all underdogs at heart.

For all the gleeks out there, here are some unique Glee items Rachel Berry herself wouldn’t even be able to resist.

1. Blaine and Kurt Pillows

Cuddle with your favorite musical couple anytime you want with these adorable pillow people.

Blaine and Kurt pillows (Blaine and Kurt Pillows, $30.00 each, telahmarie)

2. Rachel and Finn Star Necklace

This replica of the necklace Finn gave to Rachel is the perfect way to show your allegiance to this iconic couple and infuse a little Rachel Berry style into your wardrobe.

Rachel and Finn star necklace (Rachel and Finn Shooting Star Necklace, $25.00, Jwhiz)

3. Mckinley High School Letterman Jacket Print

Featuring the title of Glee’s most popular song and the image of the iconic letterman jacket worn by Finn, this print is the perfect way to pay homage to the club’s late quarterback and his portrayer Cory Monteith.

Don't Stop Believin' (Don’t Stop Believin’ Print, $18.00, OperationPumpkin)

4. Quote Stickers

Brighten up any boring day with these funny quote stickers featuring some of our favorite character quotes.

Glee Quote Stickers (Glee Quote Stickers, $3.50, KreativeKeo)

5. Brittany and Santana Bracelet Set

Show the person you consider the Santana to your Brittany (or vice versa) with one of the beautiful bracelets in this set.

Brittany and Santana bracelets  (You’re the Brittany to my Santana & Santana to my Brittany Bracelet set, $31.99, chasingatstarlight)

6. The Lima Bean Mug

Feel like your sipping coffee in style with the glee club at their favorite after school spot.

The Lima Bean mug (The Lima Bean Mug, $7.50, TheLimaUnicorn)

7. Klaine Courage Ring

Wear this ring as a reminder to have a little courage in the face of struggles no matter how big or small.

Klaine Courage ring (Courage – A Hand Stamped Aluminum Ring, $13.99, chasingatstarlight)


Lethal Looks: Style Inspired by “How to Get Away with Murder”

How To Get Away With Murder (Image)

Whether they’re defending their clients or committing crimes, the ladies of How to Get Away with Murder always know how to look good even while getting their hands dirty. The show’s costume designer Linda Bass is a pro at selecting pieces that not only look stunning on camera, but also show how the characters are struggling to keep their perfectly crafted personas from falling apart. Just take a look a the scene where tough-as-nails Annalise sits at her vanity and methodically removes her wig and all of her makeup to reveal the vulnerability hidden underneath, or how Michaela completely freaks out when she realizes her engagement ring, the physical tie to her future as a senator’s wife, has fallen off her hand. The women of How to Get Away with Murder wear their wardrobes like warpaint and wield their accessories like weapons, and, with all of the revelations in the season finale, I’m excited to see how the show uses style to reflect the ebb and flow of character development in the upcoming season.

So for my fellow How to Get Away with Murder fans, here are five looks inspired our five favorite complex leading ladies.

1. Michaela Pratt

Type-A to the extreme and wound way too tight, any little threat to Michaela’s perfectly crafted future is enough to send her into an emotional tailspin. Taking cues from women like Jackie O., she’s meticulously honed her image as the future senator’s wife with classically tailored dresses in bold colors paired with neutral cardigans and blazers and simple, feminine accessories.

Michaela Pratt Style 2. Laurel Castillo

Laurel is that quiet girl in the back who flies under your radar until she solves the puzzle faster than everyone else in the room. Her mix of Ralph Lauren prep and tomboy chic is just classic enough to to blend in with her fellow law school classmates, but, with a couple subtly funky accessories to remind you she’s got a little edge working underneath.

Laurel Castillo Style 3. Annalise Keating

The first rule of How to Get Away with Murder: Do not cross Annalise. She can be your saving grace or your worst enemy, and, if you’re facing hard time, you definitely want her on your side. Sleek, sharp and sophisticated, she commands the courtroom in her perfectly tailored peplum tops, pencil skirts and dresses that she punches up with metallic jewelry and subtle pops of rich hues like oxblood.

Annalise Keating Style 4. Bonnie Winterbottom

Desperate to be part of the inner circle, Bonnie is forever trying to gain Annalise’s approval, but seems to fall short every time. While While she’s got a few secrets of her own, she maintains her mousy exterior with pastels and pearls.

Bonnie Winterbottom Style 5. Rebecca Sutter

The bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Rebecca’s rap sheet includes being accused of murder, dabbling in drugs and helping to cover up a crime scene. With a combination of ripped jeans, leather jackets, and studded jewelry, her look is as dangerous as her attitude.

Rebecca Sutter Style