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Shadowhunter Style: S1:E10 “This World Inverted”

Shadowhunter Sty;e

On this week’s Shadowhunters, Clary jumped through a seelie portal in order to find Valentine, and she ended up in alternate universe where shadowhunters didn’t exist, Izzy was a nerd, Alec was cool, and Jace was a barista. Meanwhile, in the real world, Izzy was arrested for treason, driving Alec to take some seriously dangerous risks in order to save her.

The alternate reality concept allows the show’s wardrobe department to really play with characters’ outfits in this episode.They utilize pops of color, soft fabrics and flawy cuts to create a world that sharply contrasts with all the leather, skintight pieces, and heavy dark colors we’ve come to expect from Shadowhunters. The result is a reimagining of our favorite characters and

Here are the must-have looks you need to have in your closet from this week’s episode.


clary s1:10 (Image)

Look 1

Desperate to do follow any lead that will help her locate Valentine, Clary leaps head first into a portal taking on her very first solo mission as a shadowhunter. She’s ready to get down to business in outfit that won’t slow her down. Get her take on the shadowhunter uniform by pairing a v-neck tee in a rich oxblood with a pair of black skinny jeans and a sexy leather jacket. Complete your look with some studded black booties, a purple crystal necklace, a studded leather wrap bracelet, and a practical yet stylish messenger bag.

Look 2

When Clary lands on the other side of the portal, she’s transported into a world where her parents are together, Jace is her steady boyfriend, and demons no longer pose a threat to humanity. She also gets back a version of her pre-shadowhunter closet. Get this little throwback to Clary’s past life by pairing a flowy striped tank with grey jeans and distressed grey booties. Finish it off with a collection of multicolored bangles and a purple crystal necklace.

Look 3

While in the portal-verse, Clary’s mission gets a little sidetracked when she’s thrust into an over-the-top Alice in Wonderland themed gala planned by alternate universe Alec. With Jace on her arm, she steps out in style that’s more her old self than her current one. To get her party look, pair a vintage-inspired dressing a pretty purple with a pair of lacy black embellished pumps. A purple crystal pendant, a set of thin gold bangles, and a collection of dainty gold rings add the final touch to this simply sweet look.

clary outfits s1:e10


izzy s1:e10 (Image)

Look 1

Isabelle may be a prisoner of the Clave, but that doesn’t mean our girl is going down without a fight or looking like a hot mess. She’s still looking fierce despite being confined. Recreate Izzy too-cool-to-care look by combining a sexy black peplum top with black skinny jeans and knee-high black heeled boots. A geometric cocktail ring adds some edge. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without her signature snake bracelet and ruby red crystal pendant.

Look 2

When Clary meets alternate universe Izzy, she barely recognizes her. Not that you can blame her. Unlike the sexy and confident girl in the real world, this version of Izzy is just your regular laid-back shy girl who wears glasses and shares earbuds with her boyfriend. Get her geek-chic style by pairing a some basic blue jeans and a graphic tee, like the Star Wars one she wore in the episode, with a pair of brown lace-up boots. Finish your look with an assortment of string and wrap bracelets on your arm and a flannel shirt tied around your waist.

Look 3

Izzy is always the life of the party, but, in portal world, her usual party look gets a major overhaul. She’s traded in her usual something black and leather that shows more skin than it covers something soft and sweet. Get her portal party look with an classically cut embellished dress in a beautiful blue hue. A pair of glittery silver heels and a rhinestone studded headband add some sparkle while simple silver bangles and chandelier earrings with a hint of blue tie everything together.

izzy outfits s1:e10


For the Gleek in All of Us: Etsy Finds Inspired by “Glee”

Glee poster (Image)

For the six seasons it was on, Glee was one of the those that was and continues to be something that is just special. It was the show that made us laugh, put new twists on our favorite songs, and inspired us all to embrace what makes us unique and follow our dreams. The characters became some of our favorite fictional friends. We rooted for Rachel Berry to achieve her Broadway dreams, fell in love with couples of Finnchel, Klaine and Brittana, and cried when Finn Hudson was laid to rest after the untimely death of his portrayer Cory Monteith. Even though it’s off the air now, Glee has definitely earned its place in television history, and it continues to capture the hearts of fans old and new.

Let’s face it: We’re all underdogs at heart.

For all the gleeks out there, here are some unique Glee items Rachel Berry herself wouldn’t even be able to resist.

1. Blaine and Kurt Pillows

Cuddle with your favorite musical couple anytime you want with these adorable pillow people.

Blaine and Kurt pillows (Blaine and Kurt Pillows, $30.00 each, telahmarie)

2. Rachel and Finn Star Necklace

This replica of the necklace Finn gave to Rachel is the perfect way to show your allegiance to this iconic couple and infuse a little Rachel Berry style into your wardrobe.

Rachel and Finn star necklace (Rachel and Finn Shooting Star Necklace, $25.00, Jwhiz)

3. Mckinley High School Letterman Jacket Print

Featuring the title of Glee’s most popular song and the image of the iconic letterman jacket worn by Finn, this print is the perfect way to pay homage to the club’s late quarterback and his portrayer Cory Monteith.

Don't Stop Believin' (Don’t Stop Believin’ Print, $18.00, OperationPumpkin)

4. Quote Stickers

Brighten up any boring day with these funny quote stickers featuring some of our favorite character quotes.

Glee Quote Stickers (Glee Quote Stickers, $3.50, KreativeKeo)

5. Brittany and Santana Bracelet Set

Show the person you consider the Santana to your Brittany (or vice versa) with one of the beautiful bracelets in this set.

Brittany and Santana bracelets  (You’re the Brittany to my Santana & Santana to my Brittany Bracelet set, $31.99, chasingatstarlight)

6. The Lima Bean Mug

Feel like your sipping coffee in style with the glee club at their favorite after school spot.

The Lima Bean mug (The Lima Bean Mug, $7.50, TheLimaUnicorn)

7. Klaine Courage Ring

Wear this ring as a reminder to have a little courage in the face of struggles no matter how big or small.

Klaine Courage ring (Courage – A Hand Stamped Aluminum Ring, $13.99, chasingatstarlight)