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Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Eight: Conrad Hawkins from “The Resident”


ER had Dr. Clooney. Grey’s Anatomy gave us Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy. Now, The Resident is bringing badass back to the world of medicine in the form of Dr. Conrad Hawkins. As the top senior resident at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, Conrad has earned quite a reputation among hospital administrators and staff for his unconventional methods when it comes to treating the patients the come through the emergency room doors. Better at breaking the rules than following them, he cares deeply and will do whatever it takes to make sure the people he treats get the best care possible. He is not afraid to speak out when he feels care is being compromised by corrupt practices behind the scenes, which has caused some serious friction with senior doctors on staff. The first-year residents dread being assigned to him, because this arrogant hardass seems to delight in breaking them down over every little thing. They don’t understand the method to Conrad’s madness. His goal is to shake them out of their medical school mindsets and realize that medicine isn’t practiced out of textbook. He sees it as his mission to help them break out of their little boxes to become real doctors. Yet, Conrad is not as invincible as everyone thinks he is. Years of long hours and giving everything to his patients day in and day out have left him with the weight of the world on his shoulders and struggling to disentangle himself emotionally from difficult cases. With recent developments revealing more and more cracks in his armor, it looks like a breakdown may be on the horizon. However, don’t count him out just yet. Conrad may not be Superman, but this everyday hero is not quite ready to turn in his cape.

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Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Seven: Dmitry from “Anastasia”


Some Broadway boys capture your heart from the moment you see them on stage. You fall in love with the whole package of the character from the way they carry themselves to the way they emote in every scene and song. Then, there are the characters you fall for purely from a musical’s soundtrack. With a few notes, they weave together a fictional guy that is irresistible. For me, Dmitry from the musical version of Anastasia definitely falls in the latter category. From the moment you first meet him, Dmitry is an interesting guy. On one hand, he is kind of an ass.  He’s an admitted liar and con looking for a pay day. His whole reason for assisting Anya in her quest to see if she is a long lost princess is to extort money from her grandmother. Yet, as the show progresses and he reveals more about his past and who he is, the layers begin to fall away. Much like Anya, he was forced to survive on his own as a child after losing his parents. As they grow closer and he begins to fall in love, something inside him begins to shift. Dmitry softens towards Anya’s cause and becomes her source of familiarity in an unfamiliar world. Dmitry even becomes willing to sacrifice his chance with her along with everything he’s worked for in exchange for her happiness. While his methods may skirt morality, Dmitry will make you believe that even s con man can be a hero.

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Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Six: Ryan Vogelson from “Last Man Standing”


On Last Man Standing, Canadian transplant Ryan Vogelson stuck out among the rest of the Baxter family like a tie dye t-shirt in a sea of camo coats. The resident vegan liberal, Ryan constantly clashed with his conservative father-in-law Mike on practically everything from politics and religion to parenting and life choices. The fact that he openly admitted to riding a unicycle, shopped frequently at Whole Foods, and made his own yogurt didn’t do him any favors. However, Mike’s dislike of Ryan ran deeper than ideological differences. After walking out on his pregnant high school girlfriend, Mike was left to help his daughter pick up the pieces and raise her son Boyd. When Ryan came back a few years later, both Kristen and Mike were skeptical about letting him back in. Yet, Ryan was determined to prove that he had changed and was worthy of Kristen. He got a job, started contributing financially, and took an active role in raising his son. He became Kristen’s biggest cheerleader, supporting her decisions and giving her the strength to take risks. It took time, but Ryan eventually won Kristen’s heart and earned his place in the Baxter family fold. He even earned a bit of begrudging respect from Mike. While he is far from perfect, Ryan is proof that any guy can be reformed if he is willing to put in the work.

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