Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Five: The Men of the Hallmark Channel


Today, instead of bringing you one guy, I’m offering up an entire Whitman sampler of guys aka the men of the Hallmark Channel. More specifically, the men of those wonderfully sappy Hallmark Channel movies. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, there is a Hallmark guy for every season. Any girl can find her dream guy amongst this collection of films. A sweet down-home cowboy trying to keep the family ranch afloat? Check. An uptight business tycoon who needs to be loosened up? Check. A sports star trying to get back to his small-town roots? Check. A rebellious prince just trying to blend in among the locales? Double check. Despite their differences, all the men of Hallmark have a few things in common. They are classically cute, perfectly imperfect, and all have good hearts even if isn’t obvious at first. Sure, it can feel like these guys repeat the same five plot lines over and over, and most of them walk a delicate line between super sweet and sickly saccharine. Yet, there is just something about them that keeps us coming back for more. I like to think it is what they they represent. These guys Restore our faith that good guys still exist and that romance isn’t completely dead. They may be ordinary guys, but they remind us that the greatest love stories can be found in the most ordinary situations. And really, isn’t that what every girl wants?

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Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Four: Declan O’Callaghan from “Leap Year”


Out of all the movies I’ve seen set in Ireland, Leap Year holds a special place in my heart, probably because I absolutely adore its leading man Declan O’Callaghan. With a charming smile, bright eyes, and that delicate lilt, Declan is as tall, dark, and Irish as a pub-poured pint of Guinness on a misty Dublin afternoon. In his tiny village of Dingle in Co. Cork, he is known as a jack of all trades. He runs the local pub, serves as the town’s innkeeper, and owns the only taxi in the area. Sure, he is a tad on the surly side, but all his sharp wit is just a defense mechanism to keep the world at arm’s length and protect himself from getting burned by love again. Underneath his jade, cynical exterior, Declan is a romantic dreamer and as loyal as they come. Whether its a room full of cons looking for a fight, getting a girl to Dublin, or faking a marriage to secure lodging, he is the one you want when your back is against the wall. All he really needs is for someone strong enough and patient enough (like a certain American redhead) to break down his walls. It may take time, but, if you are willing to wait, Declan can show you the true magic of the Emerald Isle.

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Fictional Guy February Day Twenty-Three: Danny Reagan from “Blue Bloods”


If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you know Jamie Reagan from Blue Bloods is one of my top fictional guys. (He sits at a solid number three on my overall list.) Today, though, it is all about giving some love to big brother Danny. As a member of NYPD royalty, this detective bleeds blue. Danny has dedicated his life to getting criminals off his city’s streets. Years on the force have taught him to go with his gut and follow his instincts even when others think he is going on a wild goose chase. He often sees clues and connections others can’t. When he has a hunch, he will not stop until he figures out where it is leading him. Sure, he has been known to lose his temper a time or two and following the rules isn’t exactly forte. Yet, Danny will do what ever it takes to get justice for the innocent victims that he encounters every day. He may lack his kid brother’s gentle nature, but he cares just as fiercely for the people he has sworn to protect. Perhaps, it is because he is no stranger to tragedy himself. He lost his brother Joe in the line of duty, His house was burned down as an intimidation tactic, and, most recently, he lost his wife in a freak accident. Now, Danny is trying to redefine himself as a single father and widower. Some might crack under the pressure, but don’t count this top cop out quite yet. Like the Reagan men who have come before him, Danny will always rise up from the ashes.

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