Ann Mignoni Mundy

National Wear Red Day Is February 6th: Who Will You Go Red For?

Go Red for Women (Image)

The color red, hearts and the month of February go to together like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows go together to create s’mores. While you may typically think of Valentine’ Day, Go Red for Women, an organization created by the American Heart Association, wants you to associate red, hearts and February with women’s heart health this Friday with its annual National Wear Red Day.

Fact: According to the Go Red For Women website, one out of three women dies from heart disease or stroke every year. However, through lifestyle changes and education, eighty percent of these instances can be prevented. National Wear Red Day encourages everyone to wear red to raise awareness among women to learn about heart health and to change the stereotype that heart disease is a man’s issue. Many places also host fundraisers, distribute literature, and give free blood pressure checks for those who want to get their numbers checked.

I first learned about National Wear Red Day a few years ago when I was working at Mignoni Jewelry in my hometown of Bristol, PA. Organized by Theresa Conejo, the National Wear Red Day event Mill Street Goes Red has become a Bristol staple. Every February, merchants, residents and patrons of Mill Street show their support for the cause by sport red outfits, creating red window displays and offering special promotions and events throughout the day.

This year’s Mill Street Goes Red event holds a special meaning for me this year as Mill Street Goes Red is being held in honor of my wonderful cousin Ann Mignoni Mundy. Ann, who passed away suddenly this past Thanksgiving, owned Mignoni Jewelry with her sisters and was a longtime supporter of Go Red For Women. While I won’t be able to make it to Mill Street in person, I will be wearing my red to work in honor of her memory and National Wear Red Day.

So this Friday, I encourage you to throw on some red, whether it be your favorite dress, a bold statement necklace, a killer lip color or whatever else you can think of to help spread the message of women’s heart health. When someone compliments you on your ensemble, take a minute to tell them about National Go Red Day. If you happen to be in Bristol, PA, stop down to Mill Street and join in on all the fun of Mill Street Goes Red.(Also, check out your community boards and websites for National Wear Red Day events in your area.) You can even join in the conversation on social media by posting your Go Red photos with the hashtags #GoRed, #GoRedSelfie and, for Bristol, PA participants, #MillStreetGoesRed.

Who will you go red for on Friday?

For more information on this year’s Mill Street Goes Red, including events and business promotions, check out the event’s Facebook page.

For more information on heart disease and prevention, please visit