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Fictional Guy February Day Five: Brady Higgins from “Under the Lights” & “After the Game”


Still feeling the football fever from last night’s Superbowl? Curl up with Under the Lights or After the Game by Abbi Glines and get ready to swoon over the next great quarterback Brady Higgins. The golden boy of the Lawton Lions, Brady is a leader on and off the high school football field. Loyal to a fault with an unflappable moral compass, Brady feels a serious amount of pressure to live up to his good guy reputation. He desperately wants to do the right thing and not let his family and friends down. He hosts weekly team meetings to watch game film, looks out for people at crazy field parties, and is always the first one to drop everything to help a friend in need. However, his desire to maintain his good guy image can come as a detriment to himself, especially when it comes to his love life. He struggles with when to walk away, when to step aside, and when to fight. Yet, when Miss Riley Young bursts back into his life, Brady starts to see that sometimes you have to throw out to rulebook and follow your heart. He doesn’t need to be perfect. He just has to be perfect for the right girl.

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Shipping Saturday: Riley Young and Brady Higgins of “After the Game”


Looking for the perfect autumn ship to curl up with on a chilly night? Look no further than Riley Young and Brady Higgins of After the Game, the latest book in the Field Party series by Abbi Glines.

Two years ago, high school sophomore Riley Young was run out of town after she accused the town golden boy of rape. Now, she’s back with her young daughter in tow to take care of her ailing grandmother. The single mom’s only goals are to finish her homeschooled senior year and to give her daughter the best life possible. Love isn’t even on her radar until she crosses paths with her former friend Brady Higgins. The all-star quarterback with a heart of gold and sturdy moral compass, Brady begins to question his decision to shun Riley all those years ago when he picks up her and daughter in his truck during a storm. As much as he wants to see a liar, all he sees is a lonely girl with incredible strength. Despite her issues with trusting others and his fears of the fallout, Riley and Brady strike up an unlikely friendship destined to change both of them forever.

The draw of this fall football couple is how well Glines executes the friends-to-lovers trope. A slow burn that keeps readers turning page after page, neither Riley nor Brady set out to find a soulmate at the beginning of the book. Yet, by the end they can’t deny the chemistry brewing between them. Their foundation of a simple need for companionship and a non-judemental sounding board allows them to establish a relationship that runs much deeper than most teen hookups. They draw on each other’s strength, accept each other’s weaknesses, and stand by each other in a town where she is public enemy number one and he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

An intensely raw and real young adult romance, Riley and Brady are one team up you’ll be rooting for on and off the field.



The Cool Girl’s Gift Guide: All the Swag for Abbi Glines’ “Field Party” Series

 under the lights quote 1 (Image)

Know someone who who considers her favorite football team the Lawton Lions? Are her favorite football players West Ashby, Gunner Lawton, and Brady Higgins? Has she read Until Friday Night and Under the Lights cover-to-cover multiple times? Has she waxed poetically about how she is going to survive until the August 2017 release of After the Game? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re dealing with a serious fan of Abbi Glines’ Field Party, the bestselling Friday Night Lights-esque book series about football and finding love and yourself on the field and off against the backdrop of a small-town Alabama.

This holiday season, surprise her with something from the Field Party collection sold exclusively on Abbi Glines’ website. From candles to clothing, this super affordable collection has everything she needs to show off her Lawton Lions pride. Cute and comfy with a little rustic flare, supporting your favorite fictional sports team never looked so good.

Check out my favorite items from the collection below.

The West Ashby Jersey Tee

Because running back West Ashby is pretty much the Tim Riggins of Lawton.

West Ashby tee (Ashby Ladies Cut Jersey Tee, $15.00,

The Lawton Lions Logo Tee

Simple cut with slightly distressed details, this versatile tee goes with everything from jeans and sneakers to her favorite boots and blazer.

lawton lions ladies tee (Lawton Lions Ladies Cut SS, $15.00,

The Lawton Lions Long Sleeve Tee

Long sleeves = perfect winter tee.

lawton lions long sleeve tee (Lawton Lions Ladies Cut LS, $20.00,

The Lawton Lions Hoodie

Perfect for warding off the chill of those fall nights under the lights.

lawton lions hoodie (Lawton Lions Hoodie Sweatshirt, $30.00,

The Lawton Lions Candle

Let this candle transport her to a cool fall Friday night football game.

lawton lions candle (Lawton Lions The Field Party Soy Candle, $12.00,