13 Reasons Why

Shipping Saturday: Jessica Davis and Justin Foley of “13 Reasons Why”


There is no denying that Jessica Davis and Justin Foley of 13 Reasons Why have been through a lot. Once the reigning king and queen of Liberty High, all it took was one night, one bad choice, one action for everything to come crashing down around them. Young, wild, and as free as two teens could be, their love burned too hot and too fast, and they were each a little too broken to know how to handle the fallout.

Putting her before all else, Justin tried to be the man Jessica wanted and needed him to be. He brought her flowers, held her when she cried, and tried with everything in him to protect her from the dark secrets of the night of her party. For Justin, Jessica was a safe harbor in life that was anything but. She gave him a place to stay when he needed it, a shoulder when he needed support, and the love he so desperately craved. When Hannah Baker’s tapes surfaced, they buried themselves in denial despite their simultaneous downward spirals.

However, secrets couldn’t stay hidden forever, and, tragically, it fell to Justin to confirm to Jessica that she had indeed been raped and he hadn’t been able to protect her. All he wanted was for her to be happy, and, in the end, he was the one who shattered her. Jessica wanted nothing to with Justin, and there was nothing Justin could do to fix the damage he caused. In an instant, their teenage dream was over.

There is a good chance that Justin and Jessica will not be able to come back from this, but they will remain one of the most tragic ships of 13 Reasons Why.



Shipping Saturday: Justin Foley and Alex Standall of “13 Reasons Why”


Netflix as officially announced that its hit drama 13 Reasons Why will be back for a second season. While I’m a little leery of what direction the show is going to take, I’m glad we get to watch this amazing group of young actors for another thirteen hours and delve deeper into the complex characters they portray and tangled web of relationships among the gang at Liberty High. There is one relationship in particular I hope gets explored in season two and that is the budding friendship between outcast Alex Standall and popular bad boy Justin Foley. (Well, if Alex survives that gunshot wound.)

To say Alex and Justin don’t see eye to eye on much is a pretty big understatement. In fact, these two spent much of season one at odds at pretty much every turn, especially when it came to the issue of Hannah Baker’s tapes. They argued. They needled each other. When pushed, the other pushed right back. Yet, as each episode peeled back the layers of each character, these two actually seemed to have a lot in common. Alex and Justin both struggled with unhappy home lives, their relationships with popular girl Jessica Davis, and trying maintain their fragile masks day in and day out. They both knew what it was like to drown from the weight of past mistakes in ways the rest of the group just couldn’t understand. Eventually, both Justin and Alex found themselves on the outs with the core group. Alex carried too much guilt over his part in Hannah’s demise to really commit to any plan while Justin’s role in Jessica’s rape drove him completely off the rails.

This all cumulated on the night Justin showed up on Alex’s doorstep. Kicked out with nowhere to go and no of his friends answering his calls, Alex was Justin’s last resort for a safe place to sleep. Instead of telling his rival to take a hike, Alex welcomed him into his home despite Justin’s protests that he could sleep in the garage. He was right by Justin’s side when he stormed Bryce’s place to get Jessica, and he encouraged Justin to just tell Jessica the truth about the night she was raped. It was an uneasy truce that barely lasted a night, but it was a small step in the right direction for two outsiders looking for a place to belong.

Will Alex and Justin ever be best friends or at least be able to offer an olive branch? Guess we’ll have to wait until season two drops.


“13 Reasons Why” is Making an Impact With $1.99 Nail Polish


From Blair Waldorf’s iconic Upper East Side style on Gossip Girl to the Rory Gilmore’s natural daytime makeup on Gilmore Girls, fashion and beauty are staples of teen dramas, and 13 Reasons Why is no exception. However, it’s not Jessica Davis’ colorful varsity jackets or Courtney Crimson’s collection of headbands that fans are going crazy over. No, it’s a simple little bottle of nail polish. The color is Endless Blue by Sinful Colors to be exact and retails for a mere $1.99.

The bright cobalt color, rocked by producer Selena Gomez and the cast and crew at the show’s premiere, holds a great deal of meaning for the series. Hannah Baker wore the polish on the day she took her life and used it to number the tapes that held the reasons why she killed herself. (The little blue bottle also pops up few times throughout over the course of the show, including in a quiet yet powerful scene with Hannah’s mom.) The color blue may be symbolic choice as it is often associated with sadness and despair, two emotions that radiate among all of the characters.

Fans of 13 Reasons Why have adopted Endless Blue as the fandom’s unofficial color. However, this is ore than just a fashion statement. Taking to social media with hashtags like #BlueForHannah, they are showing off their blue nails as a way to raise awareness about the show and its message. The goal is to stand in solidarity with those struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying like Hannah did. It is one small way the 13 Reasons Why fandom is trying to spread Hannah’s story in the hopes of saving just one life.

Who knew one bottle nail polish had so much power?

 (Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Endless Blue, $1.99, Walmart)