Back in Action With a New Way to Connect!

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.34.38 AM.png

Hey everyone!

I’m back after a short (well, not that short) much-needed hiatus. After a strict posting schedule, I felt I needed to take a short sabbatical to clear out the cobwebs, banish the writer’s block, and recenter my creative mind. Now, I’m rested, relaxed, and to jump into a new year of creating awesome new content for you lovely readers. I’ve already started planning out some posts I think you will all really love. The actual schedule is still a bit up in the air as I want to be able to have the freedom to split my time between here and my untitled novel-wrtitng project. However, I am going to try to commit to a bare minimum of two posts a month. Some months there may be a lot more, but I promise there won’t be anymore breaks that last multiple months again.

I’m also excited to announce that in addition to finally updating the Twitter page and my personal Facebook profile picture I finally completed one of my top 2017 resolutions. (Better late than never, right?) As of today, Will Write For Boots is officially accessible through Instagram! Just click the newly added Instagram icon to sink into a world of pics of boots, books, writery stuff, and all other things I find pretty. Mostly, it will probably a lot of pretty books. There may even be a few insights into my other writing projects. I like to think of this as the first page in the first chapter of a new year.

Here’s to 2018! Let’s see what the new year has in store.


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