Shipping Saturday: So Long “Friday Night Lights” (Well, From Netflix)


Well, readers. The day has finally come. Tomorrow, when we log into our Netflix accounts, there will be a major absence as big as the Texas sky with the official removal of very one’s favorite football drama Friday Night Lights. No longer will we be able to pop into Dillion, TX to get some words of wisdom from Coach Eric Taylor, grab a glass of wine and sage advice from Tami Taylor, or cheer on the Panthers under those Friday night lights. There will be no more Matt and Julie, Tim and Lyla, or Tyra and Landry. Most of all, we’ll be saying goodbye to the ultimate #relationshipgoals of Coach and Tami and the beautiful BroTP of Jason Street and Tim Riggins. Sure, the show will be available to stream on Hulu, but it still sucks that Friday Night Lights will be on NetFlix no more.

Thanks for the memories Friday Night Lights. Texas forever. Always. (Now, I have to go check out Hulu’s options.)


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