Shipping Saturday: Olivia Hill and Randy Garrity of “Joyful Noise”


I’m back! There was a little hiccup with my top ten soap opera couples (it’s coming I promise), but this week’s Joyful Noise couple is still wants to take us higher.

Olivia Hill has spent her whole life playing by the rules. Under the careful eye of her lovingly overprotective mother, she doesn’t have much of a life outside of school and church. The only place where she feels like she has a voice is singing every Sunday in her church’s choir. She longs to break out of her good girl shell and carve her her own path. Enter streetwise Randy Garrity. After being kicked out by his parents in NYC, Randy is taken in by his outspoken grandmother. When Randy lays eyes on Olivia at his grandmother’s church, he is immediately smitten and makes it his mission to use his musical talents to earn a spot in the church choir alongside her. Olivia finds herself drawn to bad boy with a heart of gold, letting him push her out of her comfort zone. She also recognizes that his talent and ear for music may be just the thing her choir needs to take them to the next level. However, Randy’s troubled past and tensions between their families may make their blossoming romance a little trickier than they thought. A modern day Romeo and Juliet with a gospel soundtrack, Randy and Olivia are the kind of ship that just makes you feel good. Their love is innocent and sweet with a hint of teenage rebellion.

If your looking for a two hour love story that will make your heart sing, Randy and Olivia are one ship you’ll be playing on repeat.



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