Writing Wednesday: Create a Little Alternate History


What if American outlaws Bonnie and Clyde had a secret lovechild before their demise? What if the rumor Princess Anastasia had survived the bloody murder of her family was true? What if Salem was actually full of real witches? What if England had crushed the American Revolution?

History is full of roads untravelled and endings that could have had very different outcomes just waiting to be explored. From Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code to Stephen King’s 11/22/63, writers have delighted readers with tales of secret love affairs, rewritten battles, and second chances at life, and you can too. Pick your favorite conspiracy, time period, or historical figure. Research the in-and-outs of what happened and the impact on today’s current worldview. This is the key is making your alternate timeline and outcomes seem plausible to the reader no matter how crazy it may seem. Then, let your imagination run wild.

Tell the story of Bonnie and Clyde’s secret child. Craft Anastasia’s new life. Figure out what would have happened if the assassination of President Lincoln would have failed. Alternate history is one big story waiting to be told. Let it inspire you.

Happy writing!



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