Shipping Saturday: Landry de la Cruz and Michael Ragosa of “The Night Shift”


The Night Shift has some pretty iconic ships. There’s the epic love story between Captain Rick Lincoln and Dr. Drew Alister, the fun-loving affair between nurse Kenny Fournette and paramedic Gwen Gaskin, and the seemingly never-ending love triangle between the beautiful Dr. Jordan Alexander, the unpredictable Dr. TC Callahan, and the straight-laced Dr. Scott Clemmens. However, there is one ship that tends to get lost in the shuffle, and I think they deserve a little love. So, this week’s post is dedicated to season one almost sweethearts Dr. Landry de la Cruz and administrator Michael Ragosa.

Neither Michael nor Landry were exactly in the perfect place to start something up. All business and kind of an ass from day one, Michael was struggling to keep up his tough hard-ass facade at work in the wake of a tumultuous separation from his wife and a degenerative condition that was robbing him of his eyesight. Meanwhile, psychiatrist Landry was already busy hooking up with resident bad boy TC and managing her ever-fluctuating caseload. However, after seeing how abrasive and callous Michael could be towards the rest of the staff, Landry took matters into her own hands and convinced him that, whatever personal issues he was having, he could talk to her. Her only rule was that he couldn’t pull rank and try hide behind his administrator status when things got intense.

Slowly, Michael began to let his guard down, trusting Landry with his deepest secrets. He shared his marriage troubles, his hesitations over scheduling his eye surgery, and his fears about fragile relationship with his kids. The more he confided in her, the more he was able to show his caring and gentle side. He proved he could connect with the patients that came into the ER and cut loose with the rest of the staff. He even gave her a shoulder to lean on when her criminal father came sniffing around for a quick payday. As they grew closer, Michael began to fall hard for the outspoken psychiatrist, making her the first person he told that his eye issues were caused by a tumor. Yet, despite the undeniable pull between them, these two lovebirds became casualties of show restructuring and Landry was cut from the cast. Despite only having one season, this almost ship has become a favorite couple for many fans.

Landry may have disappeared, but I like to think her almost-relationship with Ragosa played a part in helping him find his way and become one of the most beloved characters on the show. (Maybe after he disappeared after season two, they found their way to each other. I think there is a fanfiction out there just waiting to be uncovered.)



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