Shipping Saturday: Melissa Glaser and Nick Armstrong on “The Secret Circle


Some love stories are epic love affairs we follow for years. They burn long, slow and hot, giving us seasons of steamy scenes and shippy relationship goodness. Then, there are the romances that are only a short chapter in a show’s history. They are quick flash, hot and heavy one moment and over and done with the next. However, even though they are blink-and-you’ll-miss-them couples, it doesn’t mean we ship them any less. What they lack in screen time, they may up for in intense connections and undeniable chemistry. Melissa Glaser and Nick Armstrong of The Secret Circle definitely fall into the latter category and not just because the supernatural drama got the axe after only one season.

At first, these two star-crossed witches were being set up to go from friends with benefits to full-fledged couple. Sweet and sassy, Melissa was the good girl with a naughty streak, looking to trade in late-night hookups for real love. However, her would-be beau Nick wasn’t exactly interested in taking what they had from the bedroom into the real world. He was broken, double damaged from losing both of his parents, and, at times, kind of an ass, who openly flirted with other girls and denied that he had feelings for her. Yet, his bad boy reputation did not deter Melissa. With each passing episode, it seemed like she was slowly melting the ice around Nick’s heart. She saw the best in him, and, more importantly, she helped him see the best in himself enough to realize he could never be a disappointment in her eyes. Although, they didn’t voice it out loud, it was clear they were falling in love.

However, happily ever after was not in the cards for them as soon as we hit episode five of the series when Melissa was possessed by a demon. He refused to believe she couldn’t be saved and begged her to come back to him. The rest of their friends were able to save her, but at a terrible price. The demon that had possessed her now possessed Nick. Unable to draw the demon out, Nick was drowned by two other characters and died. His ultimate demise left Melissa (and viewers) heartbroken and longing for the love that could have been. She spiraled down into a deep depression and dabbled in drugs and dangerous guys. Her friends intervened, and, ultimately, it was the fact that Nick would want her to live and not be sad. She committed herself to keeping Nick’s memory alive in her heart and slowly began to let herself be happy again.



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