Shipping Saturday: Maia Roberts and Simon Lewis of “Shadowhunters”


Simon Lewis may have just gotten his heart broken by his BFF-turned-GF Clary Fairchild, but the resident geeky vampire on Shadowhunters can’t be held down for long. It looks like he’s moved on from shadowhunter girls to werewolf girls. Well, he’s got eyes for one werewolf girl in particular:Maia Roberts. The sexy bartender may have been suspicious of him at first, but she’s definitely digging the vibes Simon’s putting out. A serious case of opposites attract, their clashing personalities are what make them so interesting to watch. Independent and tough, Maia is straight-shooter who doesn’t take any crap from anyone and speaks her mind. Sweet Simon, on the other hand, is much more cautious about life, trying his best not to rock the boat too much. They have forged an unlikely bond built on their mutual struggles of transitioning from ordinary people to members of the Downworld. Maia has become a permanent sounding board for Simon, providing a shoulder to lean on and, when needed, an ass-kicking pep talk or two. Simon has allowed Maia to let her guard down, thawing the ice surrounding her heart. He even brought her home to meet his family. They can’t deny the attraction between them, and it looks like those little sparks just might ignite into some serious flames.

It’s unclear where this budding romance is going, but Simon and Maia are definitely one couple to watch.

Check out their first kiss below.


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