Shipping Saturday: Who Do You Ship Izzy Lightwood With on “Shadowhunters”


Love is in the air for the Lightwood family on Shadowhunters. Alec’s heart officially belongs to warlock Magnus Bane. Jace is actively trying to get back together with Clary now that he knows she is not his sister. Even daddy Robert has a fling of his own burning in the background. However, there is one member of the Lightwood family that is still searching for someone to call her own: the lovely and seriously badass Isabelle Lightwood.

A sexy spitfire who can hold her own in battle with the boys, Izzy a free spirt who leads with her heart and will go to the ends of the earth for the people she loves. It is going to take special guy to keep up with her. However, there are a few guys who just may be up for the challenge.

Here is a cheat sheet of all the eligible bachelors who have a shot with Izzy.

Jonathan Morgenstern


Who He Is: Valentine’s demon son who’s currently posing as shadowhunter Sebastian.

Pros: Jonathan did save Izzy from a demon and helped her kick that yin fen habit for good. He’s also a pretty good cook with a cool apartment and some serious musical talent.

Cons: He like to kidnap and kill people and has thing for burning himself. He is also a part demon.

Verdict: Run Izzy run.



Who He Is: A top knight of the Seelie Court.

Pros: Izzy and Meliorn have some serious history. Former allies-with-benefits, these two used each other for some sexual release and intel-trading pillow talk. Having only ended things because of political loyalties and family pressure, it seems like there may be some unfinished business between these two.

Cons: Even though he can’t lie, Meliorn has proven time and again that he is a master of evasion and manipulation. Although not as dark as demon child Jonathan, he is still has well-earned reputation as one of the shadiest dudes in the Downworld.

Verdict: Meliorn may make a nice hookup, but he’s not exactly long-term material.

Raphael Santiago


Who He Is: The leader of the New York vampires.

Pros: Izzy may have only sought Raphael out as a way to feed her yin fen addiction, but her relationship with him blossomed into something much deeper. Despite their often conflicting allegiances, they found they had more in common than they thought. They shared secrets, opened up about their difficult families, and Raphael even introduced Izzy to his elderly sister. Plus, their sexual tension is seriously intense, drawing Izzy to him like a moth to a flame.

Cons: Raphael’s vampire blood contains the source of Izzy’s yin fen addiction, which could pose a problem down the line and derail her current sobriety. He also struggles with letting his guard down enough to let her all the way in.

Verdict: Between their intense chemistry and deep emotional connection, Raphael is the dark horse Izzy just might want to take a chance on.

Simon Lewis


Who He Is: Clary’s geeky vampire best friend.

Pros: When it comes to Izzy and Simon, opposites really do attract. From the moment they met, these two formed a unique bond separate from the rest of the gang. Simon softened her tough exterior and brought out the sweet soul she covered up with red lipstick and stilettos. Meanwhile, Izzy acted as his guardian angel saving his ass from several sticky situations. Things may have fizzled a bit, but their friendship is pretty solid.

Cons: Between becoming a vampire, his breakup with BFF-turned-GF Clary, and his new werewolf fling Maia, Simon kinda has few things to work out first.

Verdict: While he may be cooling his heels for now, we may not want to count Simon out as a contender for Izzy’s heart.

The jury is still out on what ship is going to sail, but one thing is certain. Whoever Izzy picks is going to be one lucky guy.



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