Shipping Saturday: My Top 10 (Well, 11) T.V. Ships of All Time


It is the one year anniversary of Shipping Saturday, and I really wanted to do something special to celebrate. What better way than a list of my shipping staples?

Here is my (current) list of the eleven television couples that will forever be my OTPs.

11. Drew Alister and Rick Lincoln, “The Night Shift”

This list was going to be was only going to be a top ten, but The Night Shift’s Dr. Drew Alister and Rick Lincoln are special enough to make this a top eleven list. From Drew’s struggle to come out to Rick losing his leg in an accident, the relationship between these two active duty military men was a long-fought war well worth all their battles. Even though they are settling into their new life of domestic bliss as parents, I’m still rooting for them hard and can’t wait to see what the next chapter has in store this doctor-cop duo.


10. Jessica Buchanan and Will Rappaport, “One Life to Live”

They say you never forget your first ship, and, for me, it was Jessica Buchanan and Will Rappaport on One Life to Live. In true soap opera fashion, this rebel without a cause and beloved good girl were destined to be star-crossed lovers complete with a little blackmail, an unplanned pregnancy, and some time on the run. They were the first couple I invested in, introduced me to the world of fanfiction, and I credit them to sparking my interest in writing. I’m glad they found love with other people, but Will and Jessica’s will forever hold a special place in my heart.


9. Maya Hart and Lucas Friar, “Girl Meets World”

Okay, Lucas Friar may have ended up with good girl Riley Matthews on Girl Meets World, but I will forever ship him with Riley’s BFF Maya Hart. Maya was the bad girl with a heart of pure gold while Lucas was the good guy trying hard to put his rebellious past behind him. From the start, they were drawn to each other, sharing an undeniable chemistry and a powerful connection. She loved getting under his skin, and he didn’t mind one bit. They shared some of the show’s most genuine moments, and I truly believe they may have found a way to make it work if the show had been given a few more seasons.


8. Amy Abbott and Ephram Brown, “Everwood”

Another special shipping first, Everwood’s Amy Abbott and Ephram Brown were my first teen drama ship. Despite some serious angst like his daddy issues and her comatose boyfriend, Amy and Ephram were just so damn sweet. He went to the ends of the earth for her, including getting his dad to perform brain surgery to wake her boyfriend up. She became his light in the darkness and helped him adjust to his new small-town life. Their relationship was young and innocent built on little moments that became big moments to fans like when they shared a Twix at the hospital or their ferris wheel conversation. They are reminder of how pure first love can be. To this day, I think one of the sweetest things a guy can do is share a Twix.


7. Tyra Collette and Jason Street, “Friday Night Lights”

Even though they never were officially a couple, I shipped Tyra Collette and Jason Street hard on Friday Night Lights. From the start, it seemed like there was some history between them that ran deeper than just their shared friend circle. They seemed to be on the same level in life as they tried desperately to reinvent themselves while dealing with betrayals from people they loved. I also think that, if any girl could deal with Jason getting paralyzed, it was badass Tyra. Tyra’s late night visits to Jason at the hospital simply sealed the deal for me. Although I know it will never happen, I still hope they will hook up every time I watch season one. Why the writers and show runners never put them together is beyond me.


6. Brooke Davis/Lucas Scott/Peyton Sawyer, “One Tree Hill”

I spent much of my high school career pondering one of the most important One Tree Hill fan questions: Should basketball star Lucas Scott be with bubbly and vibrant Brooke Davis or angsty artist Peyton Sawyer? Peyton was the edgy music lover that Lucas pined over for a long time and the girl who understood him on an intellectual and artistic level. Feisty and fun, head cheerleader Brooke took him by surprise by showing how to cut loose and giving him a soft place to land when his life got a little too dark. Both girls seemed like a perfect fit for different reasons, but, in the end, only one could win his heart. Even though I’m glad he picked Peyton (my absolute favorite character and teenage spirit animal), I will forever wonder what if he picked Brooke. This is one triangle I don’t think I’ll ever unravel.


5. Emma Swan and Killian “Captain Hook” Jones, “Once Upon a Time”

Once Upon a Time has defined itself by putting a twist on all our favorite fairytales, but my favorite is the modern love story between Emma Swan and Killian “Captain Hook” Jones. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but there was no denying their connection. As they grew closer, they helped each other deal with their troubled pasts and grow from lost souls into heroes. They made each other better people. Sure, they made their share of mistakes along the way, but those mistakes only helped them to build a stronger foundation. They proved love doesn’t mean finding someone to fight your battles. True love is finding someone strong enough to fight your battles with you.


4. Jason Street and Tim Riggins, “Friday Night Lights”

Okay, I don’t ship Jason Street and Tim Riggins like that. (Although, I have delved into that Friday Night Lights fanfiction hole a time or two.) No, Jason and Tim are on this list, because of their amazing BroTP. Throughout the series, I could have cared less about which guy ended up with sickly sweet cheerleader Lyla Garrity. I was much more concerned about the state of the friendship between these two. The moment when Jason realized Tim betrayed him was so much more heartbreaking than learning Lyla did. There is also nothing more memorable than Jason forgiving Tim on the football field, Tim’s devastation over Jason’s injury, or their heartfelt goodbye in New Jersey. They were more than friends. They were brothers.


3. Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane, “Shadowhunters”

I have been a fan of Alec Lightwood and Magus Bane since I first read the books Shadowhunters is based on. They were the first couple I shipped after I knew what shipping was. They were a beautiful mix between first love and seasoned love. Warlock Magnus was hundreds of years old when he met Alec Lightwood, young shadowhunter at war with who he was and in love with a guy who would never love him back. Little by little, Magnus helped Alec come to terms with his sexuality and find his voice among those in charge. He gave Alec the courage to give into love and the strength to believe in himself. Now, as Magnus spirals down, Alec is committed to returning the favor. There is a resin that Malec is the standout ship of the series.


2. Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan, “Blue Bloods”

Crime drama Blue Bloods may not seem like a show for shippers, but I am obsessed with the budding romance between beat cops Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan. An intense slow burn, these two have spent several seasons dancing around their obvious attraction for each other, afraid to give in to there feelings for fear of their professional partnership. The funny thing is that everyone can see the fiery sparks between them and just how perfectly they complement each other. Level-headed Jamie keeps Eddie from running straight in trouble, and impulsive Eddie forces Jamie to step out his comfort zone and take risks. The moment the finally admitted their attraction and shared a passionate kiss felt like something well worth the wait. They still have a long way to go, but I can’t wait to see where these two go next.


1. Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger, “Gilmore Girls”

I’ll admit I’ve only gotten into Gilmore Girls in the last year, but Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger have shot up to the top of my ship list. From the moment they first crossed paths on my screen, I knew I was Team Logan for life. They were flirty and fun, trading barbs like pros and looks that said it all without a word. Logan brought out her wild side, giving her permission to let her hair down and take a risk. Rory gave him a place to call home and soothed his need to pull crazy stunts. They accepted each other’s flaws and loved in spite of them. In my head cannon, they are living happily ever after.



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