Shipping Saturday: Farewell “Pretty Little Liars”


This week, we said goodbye to the ladies of Pretty Little Liars. After seven seasons and countless plot twists, we finally know the identity of A.D. (Spencer’s long-lost twin), who killed Charlotte (Mona), and who exactly fathered the Emison babies (Wren). Most importantly, all our beloved ships got their  much earned happy endings. Aria and Ezra tied the knot. Emily and Alison got engaged and two beautiful babies. Hanna found out her Caleb are expecting, and Spencer and Toby decided to give their relationship another go. Even Mona got a guy of her very own. (She also got a creepy doll shop in Paris where she’s holding Spencer’s twin and Mary Drake as her own living dolls.) Most of all, we got to see our core five come through the other side stronger and closer than ever. Whether you were satisfied with some of the reveals or not, seeing Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Alison finally get to be happy was well worth the wait. It was the perfect way to close this chapter of PLL.

Thanks for the memories, PLL. May you forever live in our Netflix queues.



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