Shipping Saturday: Sarah Manning and Paul Dierden of “Orphan Black”


Let’s face it. We all shipped Orphan Black’s Sarah Manning and Paul Dierden for one simple reason: sexual chemistry. The badass clone and her military monitor may have spent their entire run trying pull one over on the other, but we all just wanted to watch them pull each other’s clothes off, which they kind of did. A lot. (Who can forget that intense kitchen island sex in the pilot or the steamy shower hookup?) At first, it seemed Paul simply thought Sarah was really Beth, his girlfriend and her clone. However, as time went on, it became clear that he was on to Sarah’s game, and he was falling for her hard. His tentative loyalty broke down Sarah’s walls, and she found herself continually drawn to him despite not being to able to fully trust him. However, Paul proved he was fully in Clone Club when he sacrificed himself in order for Sarah to escape her captors. The moment when Sarah has to leave him is truly heartbreaking as both know that any chance for romance was gone. It’s one of the most tragic scenes, because we all know they had potential to be so much more if the just had the time to explore their feelings.

However, there may still be hope for Sarah and Paul. This is Orphan Black after all. (Hey, a girl can dream.)



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