Shipping Saturday: Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus of “Girl Meets World”


When it comes to Girl Meets World, there are a lot of people who think Riley Matthews’ OTP is Texas transplant Lucas Friar, comparing the two to the iconic romance between Riley’s parents Cory and Topanga of Boy Meets World. However, I don’t think Lucas is the Topanga to Riley’s Cory. Rather, I would argue that her prince is really the boy most girls would label the frog: geeky genius Farkle Minkus.

From day one, it’s clear that these two just get each other. Out of their entire friend group, no two people are more similar that Riley and Farkle. A little left of center, Riley and Farkle are both a little wacky, a little odd, and a little bit out there. They refuse to let life get them down and continually exude a positive energy that lifts up everyone around them. Unlike, their friends Maya and Lucas, they haven’t been jaded by past mistakes. Every lesson life throws at them is just another chance for them to become wiser. Sure, some may call them naive, but they hold true to their optimistic outlooks, finding silver linings in the darkest of storm clouds. When their friends lose hope, Riley and Farkle hope enough for everyone.

However, their relationship runs much deeper than just similar personalities. From little looks in the classroom to the quiet hugs and little touches, they have a deeply intense bond separate from the rest of the group. Best friends from childhood, they have continued to grow together as they have grown up. In many ways, Riley and Farkle know each other better than they know themselves. Farkle was the first to recognize when Riley was being bullied and that she still had feelings for Lucas. He roots for her when tries out for cheerleading and reminded her that, in his planetarium bedroom, her favorite space object Pluto would always be a planet. Riley never let Farkle feel like he to change who he was to be cool. She constantly helps him reconcile his scientific brain with his big emotional heart. When there was a chance he could be autistic, Riley was the first to tell him it didn’t matter to her at all. He would always be Farkle. Whether it’s bullying, being told they don’t fit the typical mold, or issues in their friend group, they know they don’t even have to question if the other will be in their corner. Throughout the course of the show, Riley and Farkle it was this bond that made so many fans root for them to be endgame, and, if the show had continued, I wonder if that might have just happened.

Here’s to the Corey and Topanga we never got to really explore.



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