Shipping Saturday: Drew Alister and Krista Bell-Hart of “The Night Shift”


Recently, I binge-watched the first and second seasons of The Night Shift on Netflix. Set in San Antonio, TX, the medical drama follows the lives of the doctors and nurses who work the night shift in the E.R. of San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Among the well-trained staff are several with deep ties to the U.S. military. They take on the toughest cases that come through their doors, saving lives and healing hearts. In a job where emotions run high and every night brings new challenges, this crew knows the importance of being able to lean on their fellow coworkers when things get a little too intense.

Take Army medic Dr. Drew Alister and surgical resident Dr. Krista Bell-Hart for instance. Over the course of two seasons, a silly crush blossomed into a rock solid friendship that has carried these two through many dark nights. Sure, they may have bickered over a case or disagreed about a relationship choice, but, when morning came, they knew a hug and some breakfast can always make things better. It makes me sad to know we only get two seasons of this awesome duo. (Krista disappears after season two.)

Even though their run is short, here are the reasons why Krista and Drew set the standard for all the BroTPs on The Night Shift.

Krista accepted Drew from the start.

Not yet comfortable in his own skin, Drew went to great lengths to hide the fact he was gay from the rest of the nightshift staff. However, he couldn’t hide it forever from Krista, who had a crush on the quiet doctor. When she found out the truth after an awkward kiss, Krista made it clear she had no problems with Drew’s sexuality and promised she would keep his secret until he was ready to go public. She accepted him without judgement or hesitation. For the first time, Drew felt like it was safe to open up about who he really was. Her show of faith gave him the strength he needed to start accepting himself, and she became the one person he could be completely honest with.

They were there for each other in the hard times.

No matter what was thrown at them, Drew and Krista always knew they could turn to each other in times of crisis. When Krista had to face the results of her BRCA gene test, Drew was the one who helped her open the envelope. When his boyfriend was injured and faced amputation of his leg, Krista kept Drew steady and gave him something to solid to hold onto as everything else spiraled out of control. They were there for the breakups and the breakdowns, the rough nights and the tough cases. Sure, Krista and Drew may have taken their frustrations out on each other, but these two always knew that, at the end of the night, they could always find a safe harbor in each other’s arms.

They bonded over the little things.

From inside jokes to late-night heart-to-hearts, Krista and Drew’s friendship was built on the little moments they shared together during those long shifts. Sharing a mutual love of MMA, Krista was Drew’s biggest ringside cheerleader, and Drew helped her develop a few moves of her own. They pulled pranks on their co-workers, and they weren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with each other in friendly rivalries centered around bets for pots of money or early morning breakfasts. They even covered for each other when the nurses tried to set them up on unwanted dates, posing a faux couple complete with hallway kisses and sugary terms of endearment. Night after night, they kept each other on their toes, making memories and creating an unshakeable foundation.

They made each other better people.

The most powerful thing about Drew and Krista’s friendship was how these two shaped each other as both doctors and as people. Pushing each other professionally and personally, they saw the best in one another even when others couldn’t. Drew knew Krista had an amazing career ahead of her, and he pushed her hard in order to help her reach her fullest potential. In return, Krista gave Drew some tough love of her own when he refused to go public with with relationship, despite his boyfriend’s serious injuries. She helped him dig deep and finally find the strength he needed to be comfortable with who he was as a gay man. Through every challenge life threw their way, Drew and Krista helped each other face them with grace, strength, and humility. They grew into themselves while they grew together.

Here’s to the memories they made and the ones we’ll never get to see.



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