Shipping Saturday: Jessica Davis and Justin Foley of “13 Reasons Why”


There is no denying that Jessica Davis and Justin Foley of 13 Reasons Why have been through a lot. Once the reigning king and queen of Liberty High, all it took was one night, one bad choice, one action for everything to come crashing down around them. Young, wild, and as free as two teens could be, their love burned too hot and too fast, and they were each a little too broken to know how to handle the fallout.

Putting her before all else, Justin tried to be the man Jessica wanted and needed him to be. He brought her flowers, held her when she cried, and tried with everything in him to protect her from the dark secrets of the night of her party. For Justin, Jessica was a safe harbor in life that was anything but. She gave him a place to stay when he needed it, a shoulder when he needed support, and the love he so desperately craved. When Hannah Baker’s tapes surfaced, they buried themselves in denial despite their simultaneous downward spirals.

However, secrets couldn’t stay hidden forever, and, tragically, it fell to Justin to confirm to Jessica that she had indeed been raped and he hadn’t been able to protect her. All he wanted was for her to be happy, and, in the end, he was the one who shattered her. Jessica wanted nothing to with Justin, and there was nothing Justin could do to fix the damage he caused. In an instant, their teenage dream was over.

There is a good chance that Justin and Jessica will not be able to come back from this, but they will remain one of the most tragic ships of 13 Reasons Why.



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