Shipping Saturday: Jeff Atkins and Clay Jensen of “13 Reasons Why”


Jeff Atkins.

Was there any character anymore pure on 13 Reasons Why? With those beautiful eyes and that damn perfect smile, all Jeff wanted was to get his grades up, play baseball, and party responsibly. (How many other teens in this universe knew how many drinks were okay to have, so they could drive later? Answer: none.) However, his greatest achievement was taking nerdy Clay Jensen under his wing and becoming half of the show’s greatest BroTP.

While Clay helped him pass history and nail his term papers, Jeff guided Clay through the rocky social scene at Liberty High, convincing him to get out of his comfort zone and attend dances and parties. He may not have been book smart, but he was a genius when it came to the ladies. When he saw how much Clay liked Hannah, he served as the constant push Clay needed to make a move. If it wasn’t for him, Clay may have never danced with her at the winter formal or stayed at Jessica’s party long enough to take things to the next level. He was the love angel on Clay’s shoulder that encouraged Clay to keep trying even when he felt completely and utterly clueless.

If Jeff had Clay’s back in life life, Clay had Jeff’s after her died. When he learned the circumstances about the accident that ended his life, Clay was determined to get justice for Jeff. Not only did he try and succeed in getting Sheri to confess to knocking down the stop sign, the action that was the catalyst for the accident, he wanted Jeff’s parents to know that their son was not driving drunk. To his surprise, Jeff’s parents knew exactly who Clay was from their son’s stories about him. He may have been Jeff’s tutor, but he greatly impacted Jeff’s life, earning his respect and admiration.

This amazing BroTP deserved better.



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