Shipping Saturday: Linda and Danny Reagan of “Blue Bloods”


Eddie and Jamie may be the standout ship of Blue Bloods, but Jamie’s big brother Danny and his wife Linda are definitely the show’s #RelationshipGoals. Danny may be one of the NYPD’s toughest detectives, but he met his match the day he met nurse Linda. One wedding and two kids later, they are still going strong. Steadfast and rock-solid, they have been the most stable couple in the Reagan family from day one. The streets of of New York City may be cold and cruel, but the love Danny and Linda have for each other is powerful enough to bring light to any dark night.

Here are a few reasons why Linda and Danny are simply the best.

They know how to keep the romance alive.

Linda and Danny lead very busy lives. They have their careers, two kids, and tons of family obligations. However, despite their packed schedules and crazy hours, they still find the time to show each other just how much they care. Sure, they like to indulge in a romantic weekend every so often, but these two are way more into the little things. Whether it’s Linda saving Danny a plate when he’s late for Sunday dinner or Danny tracking down Linda’s favorite candy from their first date, these two know a kiss at the end of the day or an inside joke is worth more than any expensive gift.

They support each other no matter what.

Danny and Linda have really been put through the ringer throughout the course of Blue Bloods. In addition to Danny’s multiple rough cases and turns in the Internal Affairs hot seat, they almost lost their son, dealt with Linda’s PTSD after being mugged, and struggled through Danny’s residual grief over the death of his brother Joe. Throughout it all, they have always been a lighthouse in the storm for each other. They keep each other steady and sane no matter what storm rolls in. When one is drowning the other is a lifeline. When one is falling apart, the other is their rock and strength. No matter what, they weather that storm together.

Linda is badass enough to keep up with rest of the Reagans.

Some women wouldn’t be able to handle being married to a member of the NYPD’s first family. (Jamie keeps proving that over and over, with the exception of current crush Eddie.) However, Linda is cut from a different cloth. She may not be in law enforcement, but she is one tough lady, who knows how to hold her own in the rough-and-tumble Reagan family. While Danny and the rest of the crew are out catching the bad guys, she makes sure the family stays intact. In addition to saving lives as a nurse, Linda keeps her boys in line, makes sure the weekly Sunday dinner is on the table, and plays peacemaker when the clan’s discussions get heated. Without her strong sense of faith and constant maternal touch, she has earned her place as the matriarch of the Reagan family.

They are an unshakeable team.

No matter what life throws at them, Linda and Danny keep proving that they are strong enough to take it. They have been have been tested, their faith shaken. Yet, the one thing they know they can always believe in is their love for each other. Over the years, they have built a solid foundation of trust, respect, and unwavering love. The world may try to knock them down, but Linda and know they can overcome anything as long as they have each other.



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