Shipping Saturday: The Fictional Guys to Spend V-Day Weekend With

shipping saturday heart sparkler (Image)

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! In honor of the holiday, I decided to shake things up a bit with a list of my favorite fictional guys that I would personally love to spend this day dedicated to love with. These television heartbreakers a mix of good guys and bad boys with good hearts. Some I loved from the start, and others required a little time to fall for. Yet, all of them hold a special place in my heart.

So, dear readers, here are my fantasy valentines. Think of this as my gift to you. (Hey, we can all use a little eye candy.)

Jamie Reagan

Looking for the quintessential boy next door? You just may have found him in Blue Bloods cop cutie Jamie Reagan. Several year on the beat may have made the rest of his law enforcement family a little jaded, not but Jamie. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he believes in making the world a better place one action at a time. He’s fiercely loyal to the people he loves and always makes time for his family’s weekly Sunday dinners. Sure, he gets some flack for being a straight arrow who always follows the rules, but Jamie knows how to have a little fun now and then. Just give him a laid-back bar with cold beer and some deep conversation, and he’s yours. Plus, the boy looks really good in blue.

shipping saturday jamie reagan 1 (Image)

Jason Street

Sure, bad boy Tim Riggins and awkwardly adorable Matt Saracen may get all the Friday Nights Lights love. However, it’s former QB1 Jason Street that you’ll want to drag under the bleachers. Life may have dealt him a cruel hand, but losing the use of his legs forced him dig down and find his inner strength. Knock him down and gets right back up no matter what challenge he’s facing. He refuses to be limited by or let anyone limit him because of his disability. Even though he’s burned badly by the people closest to him, Jason hasn’t let himself be hardened. Instead, he chooses to rise above with a grace and understanding beyond his years. He may stumble a time or two, but his heart remains as wide open as the Texas sky he grew up under.

shipping saturday jason street 1(Image)

Logan Huntzberger

Some people live in black and white. Then, there are those like Gilmore Girls wild child Logan Huntzberger who live in screaming color. With a carefree spirit and more money than a Rockefeller, Logan has earned quite a reputation as a reckless playboy only concerned with planning his next party, jetting off to exotic locations, and seeing how much trouble he can get into without getting arrested. However, under that trademark smirk and wiseass attitude lies a kindhearted man trying to find his own way in the world. He has an incredibly big heart, and, when he less you in all the way, he’d lay down his own life for those he loves. Logan’s far from perfect, but that is why keep coming back for more. Perfection is boring, and he is anything but.

shipping saturday logan 1 (Image)

Dean Winchester

When it comes to building the perfect rebel without a cause, Supernatural’s iconic demon hunter Dean Winchester pretty much checks off every box. He’s got the leather jacket, the classic car, and an extensive collection of classic rock. A little tortured and a little broken, he has repeatedly sacrificed his own happiness in order to save the world and innocent strangers from the darkest things hidden the shadows. He masks the pain with humor, a shot of whiskey, and a good time, which has led many to question if he takes anything seriously. However, what most don’t see is that feels the weight of the world on his shoulders so intensely it’s amazing it hasn’t crushed him. Yet, every day, Dean gets up, fires up the engine of his 67 Impala, and keeps on saving the world one monster at a time.

shipping saturday dean winchester 1 (Image)

Jughead Jones

Golden boy Archie Andrews may be the star of Riverdale, but it’s his sometimes-BFF Jughead Jones who is really getting all the attention. In a town where everyone’s dirty little secrets seem to spilling out all over the place, Jughead plays it close to the vest. He’s content to observe the world around him and record it all in his novel. He’s an enigma with a serious loyal streak and a snarky attitude you won’t be be able to resist unraveling. Who wouldn’t want to spend a late with him at Pop’s sharing shakes while hashing out the details of the latest small-town murder?

shipping saturday jughead jones 1   (Image)


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