Something to Write To: “Cop Car” by Sam Hunt

peyton sawyer music quote 1 (Image)

One of my favorite sources of writing inspiration has always been music. Every song tells a story whether it be of love, loss, joy, or pain. The melodies and lyrics help you set the tone of a scene, get into the mindset your our main characters, and find your writing zone. They can even help you create and develop complete plots. (Google the term songfic, and you’ll see what I mean.) In this new weekly column, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite songs that have shaped and molded my writing over the years. I hope the songs I share will inspire your writing like they have inspired my writing over the years.

For the inaugural edition of this column, I decided to go with the song “Cop Car” by country artist Sam Hunt. This is a personal favorite of mine, and it has served as the spark for a couple of pieces I’ve been working on. It’s classic song of young love, and a date gone wrong that takes an interesting turn.

Press play. Get inspired.


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