Shipping Saturday: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge of “Riverdale”

shipping saturday betty veronica 1 (Image)

We may only be one episode into The CW’s new show Riverdale, but one thing is clear: It is all about the growing friendship between bubbly blonde Betty Cooper and raven-haired rich girl Veronica Lodge. Like the All-American comic book series the show is based on, these girls are the epitome of the opposites-attract friendship. Betty is the sweet, overachieving girl-next-door with a heart of gold. Veronica is the worldly New Yorker who speaks in movie references and knows any outfit can be improved with pearls. Yet, from the moment they first met by chance in Pop’s Diner, Betty and Veronica have had an instant connection. In a town where no one can be completely trusted, Betty and Veronica may the duo that breaks the mold.

Here are a few reasons why Betty and Veronica are about to become your new favorite BroTP.

Betty rolled out the welcome wagon for Veronica.

When a sultry new girl rolls into town and automatically catches the eye of the hottest guy in town, most girls put her down as public enemy number one. Every girl that is except for Betty. Yes, she may have been required to give Veronica a tour of Riverdale High, but she tried to make Veronica feel genuinely welcome in her new surroundings. Betty introduced her to her friends, welcomed her at her lunch table, and was even really sweet to her despite her crush Archie openly ogling Veronica at Pop’s. It’s easy to see why Veronica instantly clicked with the blonde good girl.

Veronica totally defended Betty.

After hearing that reigning queen bee Cheryl Blossom thought Betty was too fat to be a cheerleader, Veronica set out to join the squad with her new blonde best friend by her side. She convinced that she was a knockout, taught her some of her signature moves, and even locked lips with her to prove they were edgy enough for the team. However, Veronica really proved she had Betty’s back when gave Cheryl a serious verbal smack down for using Betty’s fragile sister as way to goad Betty into a fight. She declared that her and Betty were a set and that Cheryl may want watch her back, because every queen bee eventually falls. In the end, both girls made the squad, and Veronica proved that Betty could count on her no matter what.

They have already confided in each other.

High off their cheerleading victory, both Betty and Veronica gave each other a little glimpse of their respective pasts. Veronica alluded that there was some serious truth to rumors swirling around her father’s misdeeds and that she may have been much more like bad girl Cheryl than good girl Betty. She shared that she wanted to reinvent herself, and Riverdale was the fresh start she needed. Still feeling the sting of Cheryl’s harsh words, Betty told Veronica about her sister Polly’s toxic romance with Cheryl’s dead twin brother Jason that went up in flames and many believed led to Polly’s eventual breakdown. However, she revealed that, while Jason may have hurt Polly, it was her mother’s overbearing nature that truly pushed her sister over the edge. In a town where secrets are heavily guarded, these little reveals show that there is a serious level of trust between these fast friends.

Veronica put Betty before her budding attraction to Archie.

Even though she had her own crush on Riverdale’s hottest redhead, Veronica was perfectly fine stepping aside after seeing just how much Betty liked him. She coached Betty to tell Archie how she felt, and she went as far as to play matchmaker between the two, convincing Archie to escort them both to the dance. When she was randomly chosen to into the closet to make out with Archie, she tried to turn it down to spare Betty’s feelings. She only went in to prevent Cheryl from putting her lips on the Riverdale High football star. Sure, she did share a steamy kiss with Archie, but she instantly felt bad and pushed him away. She even went as far as tell him to go after Betty. It remains to be seen whether or not Betty can forgive Veronica for her indiscretion, but it seems like Veronica is seriously committed to getting back into Betty’s good graces.

Who needs Archie when Betty and Veronica have each other?

shipping saturday betty veronica 2 (Image)


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